All that's for tea tonight is SA moscato. Alcohol IS high in calories so pretty well counts as a meal? And at least it's not pizza this time

Hijab - hair covering. Niqab - Everything covered but the eyes. Burka - The eye hole is meshed over, so absolutely nothing

Well today I was going to meet the first ever female prime minister of Australia but instead I now have to wait in for a plumber. Tastic.
Woo! 55 FB notifications :D ....clickclickclick... 47 of them are from my mother :(
... So I'm looking for an Aussie with a job and a car, and a house, with cable.
I can't get a car cause I ain't got a job I can't get a job cause I ain't got a car I can't study cause I'm not Aussie... (tbc)
What does the fox say?

@Inhale got me all sentimental wanting to make friends with Neo. So I'm here to tell you all that you're all AWESOME.

Just got back from Paris so I'm in the mood for something a bit different. Has anyone seen any decent French films, along

I'm baaaack!
Super nervous about going back to England, really needing to make some happy memories there.

There used to be a thread about this here in Thinkers Lounge but it was closed down a while ago, so the creation of this thre

This is legitimately a very important question on the internet; the place where cats have their own websites dedicated to pic

Survived a year of marriage =o

So rather than trying to describe our accents, I thought it would be interesting to actually record them using http://vocaroo

When I was asleep I was a (wo)man dreaming I was a butterly, how do I know when I'm awake I'm not a butterly dreaming I'm a (wo)man? Lao Tse

This is making its rounds on Facebook right now - every day you're supposed to write down three things that you're gr

Power cuts are so boring, and on my day off too. Once my laptop dies I'll have to... read or something ;(

Some people think that most of our problems can be traced back to our parents and childhood. How do you get along with your f

What things do poms do that make us stand out as pom in Aussieland? Some things I've noticed or have been told about:


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