Feb 06, 16 9:16am
Richard of York gave battle in vain. And my primary school teacher won't ever let me forget it ;(
Feb 03, 16 12:05pm
I met my love by the gas works wall. Dreamed a dream by the old canal.
Jan 11, 16 9:05am
Ground control to Major Tom?
Jan 07, 16 12:55am
Meanwhile in Cologne, Mayor tells women to keep strangers "at an arms length" to avoid being attacked. Assailants continue to be ignored.
Willow shared a forum thread
Jan 06, 16 5:05am


Around 100 reported cases have been confirmed and more are still coming in, of women and men who have been sexually assaulted

Jan 06, 16 3:56am
cologne Mass sexual assaults and robbery in huge premeditated & coordinated attacks out in public German streets a week ago.
Dec 19, 15 12:21pm
Moon Prism Power, Make Up!
Dec 11, 15 10:17am
Dec 05, 15 11:23am
yayaya cocojambo yayayay
Nov 28, 15 11:57am
Out on the wiley, windy moors we'd roll and fall in green
Nov 08, 15 12:18pm
Oct 31, 15 1:29am
Spinal Tap never gets old http://bit.ly/1SdPRK2
Oct 31, 15 1:25am
Fave and most overused quote of the past year: http://bit.ly/1zOhG5z
Oct 29, 15 12:19pm
An atheist walks into a church... http://bit.ly/1PSqr6f
Willow blogged
Oct 19, 15 12:35am

To "tolerate" does not mean to agree with, or even to like. To tolerate means to treat human beings as equals and not to be a dickhead to someone based on their religion, whether you like what they wear on their head, LGBT status, gender, race, height, weight, disability, or what their face looks like.

"Tolerance" has been de-defined in 2015 as fear to override the apparent "freedom of speech" of those who don't agree with the side that the main-stream opinion of politicians and dominant media want you to have.

If only we were still doped with religion, sex and TV.
Oct 17, 15 7:48am
In England, courgette is a vegetable, in Australia they think it's a type of car. Just give me the green thing and I'll be on my way.
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Oct 12, 15 1:11am


This is a bit like the ice bucket challege apart from that there is no ice or buckets and only books. If you don't have a

Oct 10, 15 11:46pm
Addicted to the new Animal Crossing. Well there's a surprise.


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