Sep 28, 16 8:09am
Whole state of South Australia is out of power, trains and traffic lights down. Imminent cyclone. Cam is stuck in city :(
Sep 18, 16 11:57am
DNA test, V surprised. By far highest % is Irish at 43%,Scandinavia 10%,Mediterranean 9%,British only 6% - WTF! traces of Middle East & Asia
Aug 21, 16 5:44am
I just found out I got a pay decrease after being paid less than usual in my payslip and thinking it was a mistake.
Aug 1, 16 12:53pm
Massive congratulations to my husband Dr Forrest, PHD Bpsych Hons.
Jul 14, 16 6:23am
"Coke or Pepsi? McDonald's or Burger King? Hyundai or Honda? It's the illusion of choice."
Willow shared a link from news.com.au
Jun 11, 16 11:20am
Live your dreams, even goaty ones


HIGH ON a green sweep of Swiss Alps, grazing with a herd of goats, Thomas Thwaites is on all fours - dressed as one of them. "Sweat is dripping off the end of my nose," Thwaites writes in his new book, Goat Man: How I Took a Holiday From Being Human...

Apr 7, 16 12:21pm
2 weeks til I'm back in Manchester ^_^ meeting baby, being force-fed bacon barms with vimto and around normal accents!
Mar 30, 16 1:16pm
My sister just made a brand new person today called Jessica ^_^ 3 weeks til I go back to England to meet her :)
Mar 1, 16 10:54am
Aussie Aussie Aussie!
Mar 1, 16 10:47am
I'm finally an Aussie permanent resident as of 10am this morning :D :D :D 2009 was my first visa, nobody call me impatient ever again!
Feb 6, 16 9:16am
Richard of York gave battle in vain. And my primary school teacher won't ever let me forget it ;(
Feb 3, 16 12:05pm
I met my love by the gas works wall. Dreamed a dream by the old canal.
Jan 11, 16 9:05am
Ground control to Major Tom?
Jan 7, 16 12:55am
Meanwhile in Cologne, Mayor tells women to keep strangers "at an arms length" to avoid being attacked. Assailants continue to be ignored.
Willow shared a forum thread
Jan 6, 16 5:05am


Around 100 reported cases have been confirmed and more are still coming in, of women and men who have been sexually assaulted

Jan 6, 16 3:56am
cologne Mass sexual assaults and robbery in huge premeditated & coordinated attacks out in public German streets a week ago.
Dec 19, 15 12:21pm
Moon Prism Power, Make Up!
Dec 11, 15 10:17am
Dec 5, 15 11:23am
yayaya cocojambo yayayay


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