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Apr 28, 15 8:11pm

I've added accelerometer code into my Windows Phone 8 app to track movement during the night, and I'm having some tro

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Jan 14, 15 11:19pm

Does anyone know how to lower the opacity on a button using XAML without changing the content? I've tried a few things bu

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Dec 17, 14 3:04pm

So I have an assignment to do for University that requires me to run Windows 8.1 so that I can get certain components in my V

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Nov 05, 14 8:30pm

I want to enter a name into a textbox and when the search button is clicked, it'll return the ID for that name to another

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Jun 29, 14 8:27pm

When walking a puppy, does the rule 5 minutes per month of age mean the length of one walk, so a 4 month puppy could go on mu

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May 16, 14 12:58am

So, I'm revising for a Data Structures and Algorithms class and I've come across this Big O stuff for the first time.

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Oct 11, 13 7:34pm

I do a full body Monday, Wednesday and Friday and how I've been applying progressive overload is by doing 10 reps on Mond

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