Sooo, I get these e-mail notifications from my bank whenever something happens with my account (direct deposit, purchase, wha

I'm looking to get a Wii U this week (or next week at the latest, hopefully) and I need some games to get with it. The fi

Halloween is officially a week away, and I can't decide on a costume. Halp, Loungin'! I've been reeling on the

Age: 24 Height: 5'5'' Weight: 290~ Goal Weight: 140~ _Mini-Goals_: 1. No soda, diet or otherwise. No excus

Much like everyone in the world, I had a PS2 when I was younger. However, I also had a GameCube which captured most of my att

_Size_: 776 x 300 px _Description_: Looking to have the image below re-sized, putting the text "Wilhelm_Ryan's Back

_RULES OF THE 'LOCKE_ 1. When a Pokémon faints, it is considered dead. Once it's dead, it'll be placed

I know this forum is kinda dead, but meh. I've been enjoying Sonic Dash for a few months now. I had it on my iPhone, a

Traded my iPhone for a Galaxy S4. Also included an Otterbox and a Morphie Juice case. Rejoice!

So, it seems like every year I find a new artist and just absolutely fall in love with them, and then I eventually tend to di

half a 12 pack of steel reserve and 750ml of malibu down and its not even 2014 yet holy moly

I'm looking to buy any one painting. I just want to donate it to my museum, as Redd hasn't shown up in town yet. P

_THE OFFICIAL WONDER TRADE CHALLENGE!_ By now, I'm sure mostly everybody is familiar with the Nuzlocke and Mono-Type c

Words can't describe how amazing Pokémon X & Y are.
All caught up with Breaking Bad, finally. Ready for the series finale tomorrow night! ;DDD
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