Much like everyone in the world, I had a PS2 when I was younger. However, I also had a GameCube which captured most of my att

_Size_: 776 x 300 px _Description_: Looking to have the image below re-sized, putting the text "Wilhelm_Ryan's Back

_RULES OF THE 'LOCKE_ 1. When a Pokémon faints, it is considered dead. Once it's dead, it'll be placed

I know this forum is kinda dead, but meh. I've been enjoying Sonic Dash for a few months now. I had it on my iPhone, a

Traded my iPhone for a Galaxy S4. Also included an Otterbox and a Morphie Juice case. Rejoice!

So, it seems like every year I find a new artist and just absolutely fall in love with them, and then I eventually tend to di

half a 12 pack of steel reserve and 750ml of malibu down and its not even 2014 yet holy moly

I'm looking to buy any one painting. I just want to donate it to my museum, as Redd hasn't shown up in town yet. P

_THE OFFICIAL WONDER TRADE CHALLENGE!_ By now, I'm sure mostly everybody is familiar with the Nuzlocke and Mono-Type c

Words can't describe how amazing Pokémon X & Y are.
All caught up with Breaking Bad, finally. Ready for the series finale tomorrow night! ;DDD
just drank a whole bottle of vodka by myself. geezus christ. if I don't post tomorrow I'm probably ddead
Just heard a Chef Boyardee commercial use the "Chef don't judge" soundbyte from Southpark... WAT :|

I seriously love Books-A-Million. <3 Great place to buy books. Not advertising, just expressing my love for that place. Ju

Finally starting to get into Breaking Bad, don't know what the hell took me so long. :(
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