mecabunny Whosdfastest
Dec 13, 12 1:09am
you can trust gifting first

but greedy seller. annoying.
sapidolhijau Whosdfastest
Nov 4, 12 9:28am
i gift my 2 good 5* first for his good 5*, all the transaction went nice and smoothly
shanzzizle Whosdfastest
Nov 4, 12 5:58am
smooth sailing negotiations
GervzZ Whosdfastest
Nov 3, 12 9:35am
good trader verry reliable
Demon Hunt Whosdfastest
Oct 31, 12 11:45am
I am new and not trusting yet and Whosdfastest was patient and took me stepmby step to a very smooth transaction. Very TRUSTWORTHY and HONORABLE! Just talk to the guy and you will trsut him just the same.

I traded my ace sty bird L24 and GPC Titan L60 for his ace dom L1 stoned
brainchild Whosdfastest
Oct 30, 12 3:25am
Very kindly and fast.
fatalerror Whosdfastest
Oct 30, 12 12:32am
great trader, very trustworthy
guardiancrossfans Whosdfastest
Oct 27, 12 12:55am
trading int dom full stoned+4 III stones to fast valk and smooth trade..he trust me and sent his card first for verification..legit trader
jonesza217 Whosdfastest
Oct 26, 12 8:07pm
ty for trading ! everything smooth
Syrix Whosdfastest
Oct 26, 12 8:07am
traded my 4 stat stones for his 32 silver slimes successfully
Mieru_hito Whosdfastest
Oct 25, 12 8:05am
Smooth trader bro thx