May 18, 10 3:08am
says: "Bon Jovi- The Circle. It's awesome! =D"
May 1, 10 5:41pm
says: "I don't know what to say xD"
Whitefalcon blogged
Dec 12, 09 1:04am

So, last Friday I went to Top Gear Live. I finally have time to comment on it. =)

First of all, here's Blackfalcon's post about it, in which there is a link with a lot of great photos:


Anyway, Top Gear was absolutely amazing; the cars on display were sweet, the motoring arena had PS3s, and there were girls in shorts giving out free Yorkies and Pepsi. ^____^

The show was unbelievable. I had been disappointed by the distinct lack of Audi R8s in the motor arena, but I was glad to see one on stage, along with loads of other class cars, doing amazing things.

The stunt drivers were bloody brilliant; one did a donut on a platform as big as a dinner table that was suspended above the stage. The sound was deafening, and we could feel the pyrotechnics at the back of the seating area. It was all awesome.

One of the highlights was car football, Ireland against France. Absolutely brilliant, no handballs, thankfully. Here are a few photos, illustrating an Ireland goal:

Not the best quality, but you get the idea. Ireland won 4-3. =D

Here's my gallery which holds a few other low quality pictures:

It was all just great, I can't fit it all here, so I'll just say goodbye and suggest you go to a Top Gear show if you can! Byeeeee!

musingsthoughts top gear ireland france
Whitefalcon blogged
Dec 1, 09 3:21am

My sincerest apologies for not posting last week, but I was extremely busy writing my novel.

Anyway, today is the 30th of November, the last day of November and the last day of NaNoWriMo. All over the world, while I sit here writing this post, thousands of people are writing frantically, hoping to reach the goal of 50,000 words before midnight.

What am I on, I hear you ask? Well...

I am currently on...

50,027 words! You cannot imagine how happy I am to write this! I did it! My novel is far from completion, but most of it is there and I am now a NaNoWriMo winner. Yay!

To those that are still writing- Good luck!
To those that are finished- Well done!
To those that didn't do NaNo but are thinking about doing so next year- Go for it!

Anyway, that's all for NaNo for me. I'm so happy it's over, but I had a great time nonetheless. Thanks for supporting me and my novel! =D

musingsthoughts national writing novel month winner
Whitefalcon blogged
Nov 18, 09 12:14am

Hi all, sorry it's been so long for an update. I wrote out a lengthy blog post last week and turned the computer off before posting it.

Anyway, my life is good and all that, I got stabbed twice in the past week, one was an injection for swine flu, the other was when I stepped on a rusty nail. I really should take it out sometime. =P

Last Thursday I entered a music competition with a group, playing Irish traditional music. I played the Uilleann Pipes. =) We played brilliantly, and we won! Yay! It was great fun, but alas, I did not get any of my writing done that day, and I'm only catching up with my word count goal now. Also, I'm in another competition (the final) on Wednesday. Gah, I say.

Which brings me to my National Novel Writing Month Novel. I'm past the halfway mark, and at the moment I'm on 26,431 words. I should be on 26,667 but I should catch up tomorrow, all going well. You can check out my progress here:


I'm amazed that I haven't failed miserably yet. Plus, the quality of writing is actually decent in some places. I'm even sort of enjoying myself. However, writing a 50,000 word novel in 30 days would be impossible without the help of a wonderful website called Write or Die:


This is brilliant for slow writers, a great kick in the pants to get you going! I also would not be doing half as well as I am if not for my 120GB iPod, contaning virtually every Bob Jovi song ever written, along with other great artists such as Linkin Park, Good Charlotte, Rammstein, Tenacious D and so on. Also a lot of one hit wonders, compliments of the Now That's What I Call Music series. Ghostbusters and Safety Dance, anyone?

That's all for this week, I promise to post again this weekend, all I can say is good luck to all Neoseekers doing NaNoWriMo and to Jedward, who are ripping the piss out of the X Factor and doing Ireland proud.

Sort of.

musingsthoughts national novel writing month music
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Oct 29, 09 2:09am

Hi Nog, sorry it took me so long to think of something to write about! First of all, I've seen a lot of films recently, and they were all good, so here's a quick list:

Fantastic Mr Fox

That's all I can remember, thought there were more. ¬.¬ Anyway, these films are all great, watch them!

I also saw X-Men III. Avoid at all costs.

Also, this November I am going to participate in NaNoWriMo! =D This is a worldwide event where lots of peoples try to write a 50,000 word novel in just a month. Link:
Thanks to Blackfalcon for the tip-off, who in turn heard it from Diamondflame!

I'll be writing a mystery book which I hope will be awesome/50,000 words long. I'm planning it out at the moment and it's looking good.

I'll try and tell you all how I'm doing! Bye for now!

musingsthoughts movies films books writing mystery whitefalcon
Oct 14, 09 10:36pm
is doing awesome.
Whitefalcon blogged
Sep 1, 09 11:42pm

Well, I've decided to make a Neo-Blog. Hooray! Though I have no knowledge of CSS, I can't think of an appropriate header at the moment, and I haven't an inkling what I'll write about, I'll do my very best to make my Neo-Blog (or Nog) an interesting one. I've looked at what other people post in their Nogs, and it varies from personal stuff to reviews and advertising. But what really surprised/annoyed me was the amount of people urging me to level up their Brawl Cards. Now come on. A blog is a place to post something meaningful, and to make a difference, not for personal gain. And what sort of personal gain is having your Brawl Card leveled up? Judging by the word "card" I'd assume it was a mundane piece of paper, but it's not. It's an image. A couple of pixels. It's essentially a figment of one's imagination. There's so much to see and do in this world and here we are leveling up pixel cards. I suppose I'm one to talk, sitting here in front of a computer, hoping that someone will heed my words, but once this Nog post is complete I'm going to turn the computer off and do something constructive. But what of the people who are constantly checking their pixel cards? Will they ever do something with their lives? Will they ever do something meaningful? Will they ever make a difference? Will they see the error of their ways and delete their pixel cards to make space for a novel, or a letter to the President regarding the economic crisis or global warming? So when I look away from these pixel cards without signing, I truly believe that I've done a good thing, showing the owner that I don't care how high their level is. Who knows, maybe the owner will realise how pointless the whole thing is and go invent a perpetual motion machine. I speak now to those who while away time on trifles such as Brawl Cards; was Abraham Lincoln remembered for his Brawl Card? How about your idol, or anyone famous for that matter? Forget about your Brawl Card, go out there and make a difference.

Thanks for reading.

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