sinful_666 Whitecloak
Nov 03, 06 6:34pm
I know, I know. It's not a word.

One of the reasons IE is less interesting is a lack of posts made by people like you. Your posts are missed amid the sea of pointless, mindless, posts dominating IE nowadays.

As always, a quote:
"The wisdom of the wise, and the experience of ages, may be preserved by quotations." - Isaac Disraeli

Hope to see some more of you in the future.
- sinful
Light Druid Whitecloak
Dec 08, 05 6:18pm
Well, it seems to be that time of year again, and with the christmas coming up, you get a double dose. So Happy Birthday, and Merry Christmas.

P.S. Keep up the good moderating!

~Light Druid
Little Miss Magic Whitecloak
Dec 08, 04 7:03pm

Just noticed it's your birthday, hope you had a good one 'Cloaky.
See you around the forums xxxxxx
bl3nd3r Whitecloak
Oct 29, 04 12:58am
gonzab Whitecloak
Oct 14, 04 8:39pm
hey you are moderating my thread: Eragon
here is my stamp
Onikage Whitecloak
Jul 15, 04 9:47pm
Not much to say, other than see ya aroundz

*doesn't know what else to say as usual*

gaiablade64 Whitecloak
May 18, 04 7:37am
Hey Whitecloak sign back i'm out

This soon to be worth millions.
charlie_22 Whitecloak
May 08, 04 4:45pm
I've been meaning to sign your guestbook for ages now, just never got round to it.
You joined Neo one month after myself and you seem to visit the same forums I do.
You're doing a great job of holding the B & L forum together at the moment. I pop in every day but don't post as much as I used to. PES3 & FFX2 have put my book reading on hold for the last two months but I will be back shortly. Well, that's all for now.

Take care, Charlie.
Wo Daddy Wo Whitecloak
Mar 26, 04 6:49pm
So, I say to myself: "Self, you should sign Whitey's Guestbook. He's been a good friend for a long time. And, that's what friends do, they sign each others Guestbook."

Ah, but what,
*plot thickens*, perhaps I should see what other quality friendships Whitey has developed with other neoseeker members. As I'm glancing through Whitey's Guestbook, I stumble upon a signing made well over a year ago by, none other than, myself...

So, riddle-me-this Batman, Whitey is which of the following:

1) Thoughtless pile of cow dung
2) Lazy, drunk Bast-erd
3) Overweight transsexual plumber

Whitey, there's only one way to cleanse yourself of this inescapable guilt... You know what you must do...

BTW - The correct answer is number 3

Iscariot Whitecloak
Feb 22, 04 9:59pm

.doesn't the white cloak ever get dirty? »

DarkNite93 Whitecloak
Jan 09, 04 7:37am

You've been signed by the Child of the Nite.

Snuff Whitecloak
Jan 05, 04 4:57am
Hey Whitecloak. Whats shakin' Did I ever tell yuo I had a little girl. She would of been about your age now. Such a sweet little girl. I remember one day. Along time ago. I took her out on a windy morning to the park. No one was there. It was just me and her. Me and my sweet little angel. Then when I was pushing her on her sings a lion came and grabbed her by her shirt end. The lion ran away with her. I ran after the lion who had my little girl but I couldn't catch up with it. It was too fast. I went home and cried. For the lost of my little girl. I cired and cried. I never saw her again....
Q22 Whitecloak
Jan 04, 04 3:27pm
Hi Whitecloak. Don't really talk to you, just see you hiding in some dark Books & Lit. Forum corner. Don't think we don't see you, and MacPhisto too. Plotting our ruin.

Little Miss Magic Whitecloak
Dec 29, 03 7:23pm

Hope you had a good christmas & have a happy new year! Click the stamp for an animation & I'll see you around Musical I&E. ^^

Helen xxxx
Gonblott Whitecloak
Dec 24, 03 6:15am
"Why gonblott? Why, why do you do it? Why get up? Why keep signing guestbooks?
Do you believe you’re signing for something, for more than your survival?
Can you tell me what it is, do you even know?
Is it freedom or truth, perhaps peace – could it be for love?
Illusions gonblott, vagaries of perception.
Temporary constructs of a feeble human intellect trying desperately to justify an existence that is without meaning or purpose.
And all of them as artificial as neoseeker itself;
Although, only a human mind could invent something as insipid as love.
You must be able to see it, gonblott; you must know it by now!
You can’t win, it’s pointless to keep signing! Why gonblott, why do you persist?"
"...Because I choose to." ~gonblott and Smith, neoseeker: Revolutions
Now sign mine!!!
Keep postin' in the Radiohead forum!
Blackheartedwolf Whitecloak
Dec 17, 03 10:41pm

See, I told you! Here is more proof that Santa is really a frog.
Blackheartedwolf Whitecloak
Dec 12, 03 7:14am

Happy Holidays from Blackheartedwolf!
Headface Whitecloak
Nov 10, 03 7:49am
I was a dick to people, and you were a dick right back, and for that you earned my respect. That probably doesn't mean jack to you, and you amy not even know why, but that doesn't really matter to me, just so long as you know you have it.

Jacobpower34 Whitecloak
Nov 06, 03 5:39am

Rhebus Whitecloak
Nov 04, 03 3:05pm
To the Mod that got me started with all this crap. You’re doing a great job, keep it up and don’t take no guff. Don’t feel obligated to sign my guestbook lest you want to, I signed yours just to let everyone know that your modship was tops on Lament of Innocence. There are some bastard mods out there, thanks for not being one of them.
Darkness_Overlord Whitecloak
Nov 04, 03 5:48am
The Angel of Death is watching you.

Soon Darkness shall be cast down upon ye.

For 'tis the day the Lord of Dakness signed away your life.
Golden Miru warrior Whitecloak
Nov 04, 03 12:04am
Guess I never really signed it before...


Sorry about the strech. That cat is the best.

Oh yeah, have a nice day. Me n' my cat will see you around.

mekid21 Whitecloak
Nov 01, 03 7:09pm

you've been stamped!!

please sign my guestbook

see you around the forums
neo7 Whitecloak
Oct 25, 03 10:44am

please sign bac
bl3nd3r Whitecloak
Oct 15, 03 7:10am

+ You hav3 b33n bl3ss3d by bl3nd3r! ^-^ +