Whistling Wolf
Sep 29, 15 11:27pm
Dear FF7 fans, just a reminder of greatness http://bit.ly/1BRF7Xk
Whistling Wolf
Sep 17, 15 10:22pm
WONDERFUL NEWS! The best anime ever will be made! http://bit.ly/1P2XgtE
Whistling Wolf
Sep 14, 15 11:52pm
Becuse things doesn't always need to make sense http://bit.ly/1iKrqYo
Ciel Phantomhive Whistling Wolf
Sep 05, 15 3:16pm
Happy Birthday! :)
Whistling Wolf
Sep 03, 15 4:25pm
I give up looking; Stupid question, can you play WP games on ipad?
Whistling Wolf
Jul 26, 15 11:30am
Whistling Wolf
Jul 01, 15 5:50pm
This is why Kanye needs to retire XD http://bit.ly/1C3gwpx
Bruce Whistling Wolf
Jun 28, 15 12:49pm
How's things?
Whistling Wolf
Jun 27, 15 5:24pm
This is why Mr Schwarzeneger is awesome :laugh: http://bit.ly/1CANnfU
Whistling Wolf shared a link from change.org
Jun 21, 15 10:15am
Help to try stop the torture filled dog eating festival by signing the petition


We at "RAISE UR PAW" need the voices and paws of the world to be raised to help ban the YULIN DOG MEAT EATING FESTIVAL which is going to occur on June 21, 2015.

Whistling Wolf
Jun 19, 15 11:01pm
Then you just need some "Feel AWESOME" music :D http://bit.ly/yx1gcK
Whistling Wolf
Jun 19, 15 11:00pm
Sometimes you just dessire a "feel good" song x3 http://bit.ly/1Lkys1E
Whistling Wolf
Jun 16, 15 7:25pm
It finally happned~ http://bit.ly/1GLhdn9
Whistling Wolf
May 14, 15 9:28pm
I don't blame the cat, I would've done the same thing.... :D http://bit.ly/1B5G4xO
Whistling Wolf
Nov 17, 14 9:28pm
Good game good http://bit.ly/1qPL4zC
Whistling Wolf
Nov 12, 14 8:45pm
I ordered AC Unity guillotine edition... And they send me just the game DX I don't know if I can even pay the game I got! T uT;; THEY B EVLZ
Whistling Wolf
Nov 03, 14 12:51am
SAVE YOUR DAYLIGHT! http://bit.ly/1vz0ERB
Whistling Wolf
Oct 23, 14 5:54pm
I love yahoo answers XD http://bit.ly/1pELacL
Whistling Wolf
Oct 15, 14 4:29pm
Dancing up a storm! (loud) http://bit.ly/1ttGaia

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