Mind blown! Scallops has eyes! Can I eat something with a face like this? http://bit.ly/1sIlMFD
You got to love the Japanese! XD http://bit.ly/MR8t62
Return to us once again, 90's! http://bit.ly/jEOAF
Cookie for the ones who are familiar with this http://bit.ly/7nWRBs
For the A-ha fans out there http://bit.ly/1iTcxgp ( Don't say A-ha who! D8 )
Which character is best in Sonic All Star Racing Transformed? C8
http://bit.ly/1cPHvCH I never thought this OST would be in a game with the name Sonic in the title XD <3
Wow, there was an "end" to Skyrim =| I don't think I've been playing 1 game for this long since..I don't know! How do you start a new game??
Skyrim still taking over my Xbox, now youtube http://bit.ly/HcuPJA
What should we expect, he was bit by one afterall? http://bit.ly/1e31Q7U
Awww, memories of worse times.. X> http://bit.ly/Mzx277
Currently playing Skyrim: Which mission should I NOT miss? =]
May your lessons never stop playing and remind us always of love. RIP http://bit.ly/H4qpEa
Playing RE5 with LanDi Sama. Good game good~
I think I need to start watching WWE... ="] http://bit.ly/1gBBsoD

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