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Jul 25, 12 12:47am

My new Blog!

So I've decided to start a new blog... not because I think anyone'll read it, and not because I want to share what happens in my life with anyone else... because there are things I would like to put on Neo and out into the world but don't exactly know how. My blog will be my place to post whatever I want, and I may post different things in different "series" if you will, but it won't be one of those blogs normal people do which consists of, well, blogging. In fact, I've decided to dedicate (for now) my blog towards usernames I've thought of for anyone else to use on Neo or on any other site. I know it sounds stupid but for some reason it seems like username ideas have been flooding into my head recently, so I though, why not share them? My blog may be used for other purposes in the future, but for now I'll just list my ideas so everyone can use them and the world will be happy. Of course, I've already snagged the best one, so you can't have Wheat, but here's a selection of others. :D

Remember, feel free to use these. I would be more than happy to see a user with a username I came up with floating around the site or any other site! Also I have not testes anywhere whether these are taken or not. Just try yourself.

Asleep at Last
Lucky Penny
Happy Go Lucky
Not Available (you know, "Username: Not Available")

Well, the list goes on, but if I post everything that comes to mind I'll be typing these up until the day I die. So let's take a break now, shall we? Have a nice day.

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cole Jul 26, 12
iknow how u feel please friend me ps3jojocole xbox PretaxTexas1875
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Wheat Jul 26, 12
Huh? You're comment doesn't really make sense.
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oliveoil Jul 27, 12
I like the name Twitch. But I don't think I have anything interesting to really blog about. Either that or I wont keep it up. For me it's like having a diary. I get excited to have one but then I don't keep it up.
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carous Elambra Jul 28, 12
XD Cool I would be worried if you had testes anywhere!
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Harceru Aug 24, 12
To be honest, those names are boring and they're probably taken on other popular forums.

I don't see how knowing my name will affect you.

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