im reeeeealy quite and i hate attention. i have low self estem beleave it or not, and recogntion dosent hurt that. i would like to start working out but im so damn lazy i never get around to it. i dont like having alot of OK friend id rather have a small number of really good friends i used to lesson to alot of todays rap but its just not my stile so i listen to alot of old school rap and hiphop like eric b and rakim tupac ,public enemy etc anything from the 80s to the 90s sometimes farther back i like 80s funk and pop like seal , older R&B like luther vandross and boys to men and jazz and stuff when im trying to relax.


i like games and drawing (but i havent drawin in a will ) and as of right now i only read books from walter dean myers (monster,shooter,badboys)but i want to read some things from anime shows i watched. i havet played a concel game in a will but i do play WoW alot and i love it, now i know what they mean when they say world of warcrack.if you cant tell by now im a nerd and like it (thow im told i dont look like a nerd.........just ugly) :(


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