Hi, i saw you somewhere, but i forget where. Anyways I looked at your GB and no one had signed it for 2 years! So i thought I would. If you get online please sign back.

Yo man how is it going??
-I had alot of fun on ur Role Playing....MegaMan i was Zero is was HOT

U should make another one!!!
Hey Wavebird, you're a good Neo-friend so I'd figure I'd sign your guestbook because I'm so nice. You're a really cool person who's fun to talk to on MSN. And uh... darn, I can never think of what to say in these, so I'll end this signature
PS Sign my g-book if you want. If not, I don't care.
hey wuz up. i wanted 2 sign urs cuz u signed mine. oh and by the way, if u ever are imed by some1 named zackbagodounuts and has a megaman icon, its me
Wavebird is a real cool guy, we share a love for porno . Ive been talking to him recently on MSN and we enjoyed making fun of R3sistance

Stay cool,
Holla it's murdah!

if a had a bagle i would make it a donut.
if i had a donut i would make it a bagle.
its a vicios cycle.
Just signing your guestbook and trying to sound oganial at the same time... why do I allways say that. JOKE. see you around neo.
Hey, Happy Birthday. I don't think I've seen you around too much, but I hope to see you around more..............................
Stamped with love! Omnia vincit amor.

...posts from you I observe.

I do not believe I have seen you but you did post a lot in a short time so I am guessing you like the forum.

Seeing how I probably would have in the future, I am signing your guestbook.

(I should really stop making that type of titles for my GSigning.)
It's nice to see a familiar username around the SMS forum. You're a great person and keep up good work, ok? I just hope I can spot you out of all the posts I've been seeing. See ya around!
what si up with da beer?Its annoying.I always see you do that in the KTNT2 forums.Please stop!Anyways just wanted to sign your guestbook.
Hey T-Man Hope you like your sigma-n Well I'll see you at the MM forums keep up the posting man. Also good luck with Megaman Zero!

Squis Masta!
You told me to sign your guestbook, so here I am! ^_- In response to what you wrote, of course I know you. You, like every sane person post in my wonderful forum! Even if I didn't know, your name gives you away Anyways happy posting!
Sorry for past diffrences hope your doin cool nd hope ya stay at neoseeker. Have a gret time her. c ya later- I want to fly high so i can reach the highest of al the heavens somebody will be waitng for me so... I GOT FLY HIGHER!!!
Hey, Wavebird, It's E-102. I am signing your guestbook cause you're one of my friends! I am 11 years old. And I love video games!
Sup WaveBird.I have seen you on KTNT2 threads.I will add you to my buddies.Will you do the same and sign my guestbook?Thanks.I like Megaman.Do you?I bet you do by your avatar.Well see you on the forums.
Hey Wavebird, sorry for not signing your guestbook sooner but I have been pre-occupied with a majority of things as of late hence not being able to sign this.

Anyhow I'm here now

Thanx for signing my g-book and hanging around in Loungin' on occasion. I've seen some of ya posts and you don't seem a bad guy.

Stick around.