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Nov 27, 08 9:29am

Hey, I just came across this little feature in the Football Manager Social Forum and thought I'd check it out. A little bit about me: I'm 18, employed part-time but looking for full-time, and going to uni next year. I'm sporty in pretty much everything I do. I play a lot of sport, I watch a lot of sport, the majority of my games are sport related, I think you get the general gist (pronounced 'jist' btw, yes I know it's a stupid spelling) of it.

I'm hoping that my blogs are going to be vaguely comical or at least of minor entertaining value, but I guess we'll have to wait and see. I had one on MySpace and now none of my friends use MySpace so that was all a waste of time.

I have a few nights out planned in the near future so if anything interesting happens I'll be sure to let you know. Not that you're interested of course, just simply because I have to tell anyone and everyone my life story... Or at least the highlights of it.

Simply for my own personal entertainment values, I will now quote various personal ads, and maybe comment on what I think, is truly gripping and sure to entice any member of the opposite, or perhaps same, gender.

Hi I`m Tony from Nottingham. I`m straight acting. Fun loving. Easy going and open minded.
I like to socialise, and I`m a great Mario Kart player (N64).
I do some work on the weights but only to keep fit, not to be muscles of brussells.
I like cozy nights in, and out to the pub, but not really into clubbing.
I think it is easily noticeable here that not only is Tony living in the past with his N64, but he has clearly identified what women really look for in a man. Yes, you guessed it, computer game ability. Watch out though! Don't beat Princess Peach on your home track and your date's mates will ridicule you.

I'm a postgrad student, originally from Scotland but now living in Manchester. Am pretty busy most of the time, but could do with an excuse to escape the study now and again!
This guy really knows how to impress ladies! Calling them 'an excuse' is one of their preferred pet names.

Someone who is easy going, enjoys having a laugh and is just good fun, and is also a football fan they should also be open to new experiences and travel.
This one isn't so much funny as interesting. If you think you might know what these new experiences are then leave a comment. We could even have a mini competition. The one I think is the best will receive a prize! Yep, you guessed it! You get a prize for being the only one to read down this far. Amazing huh?


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