Mario65889 Water God
Feb 27, 08 8:46am
hi watergod50
it says sign your guestbook so i'd thought i'd sign keep on making those great banners
oh please pm me and tell me how you did that awesome effect
Remino52 Water God
Jan 23, 08 8:40pm
I read your sig and I thought I'll sign in my spare time.But we are all doing great on the pik forum.And hopefully we get through harvest moon and melee and become #1.Tootles!
bohric Water God
Jan 04, 08 7:01am
I like Pikmin. You like Pikmin, right? Nobody else I know can even get the first few treasures, but you can, right? If yes, we have a lot (not really) in common. If not, what the heck. A fellow Pikmin lover is hard to come by.

NOTICE: Ignore this message if you don't like Pikmin. Sorry... I think.