This is a message to all my Friends:

Happy 2006! Enjoy it because 2005 sucked ass!

This year will be better, because 2005 really sucked ass. Happy New Years from Bruce A***** aka Knight X.

~end message~
hulo so u r located were???? BEHIND me u stalker, and ur rite bios suk! o yea mrry christmas or happy hannukah r watevr! happy new year and crap 2 u

plz sign my guestbook
Just wanted to say happy christmas , you know christmas spirit and all:

you have be signed by *drum roll*

~*Cute Phantasy*~

I'm just randomly stamping guestbooks. yeah.
Okay, so here's a stamp.
And now I shall leave. Slowly.
and please dont send me to hell im not a bad boy waaahhhh!!!! waaaaahhh!!!!! waaaaahhhh!!!!! anyway I dont give out stamps so no stamp for you so hah, hah, hah!!!