Hello, I'm just here to feed the Guestbook... Okay that was lame. Anyways, although it's a little late, but it's still valid. Happy Birthday!!! Um... yeah. Hoped you had a great day today. Lucky break...
Thank you for adding Naruto into your Favourite Forums. I hope to see you participating there soon for a hopeful General Naruto forum! Here you are:

Declaring my Gaara obsession everywhere XD.

Personal Add-On: Heya Amy AKA Kakashi <3er!
Just wanted to sign some guestbooks...

Please Sign Back

i have been giving cars out to everyone today.. and i have got one more left...here's one of my favourite cars just for you...

Hiya! Thanks for the PM's, I <3 talking to you. *Hugs* Now that my boyfriend broke up with me, we can hang out more! xP Okey-dokey, talk to you later.
Gawd, I luuve you and your avatar. I just want to eat both of you up.

-Jasmien =)
It's the time of the year when cupid shoots people with his heart shaped arrows and the day that I hide from lovely cupid cause I think it's time for his change again XD j/k

Happy Valentines Day!

Miss Amy sis! Hope you enjoy this liveh LOVE DAY! xD

As the title says ^^
Meh it's kinda weird for me to use this stamp for a girl's guestbook but it's the only one I could find @.@

Have a lovely Valentine's Day! ^-^
Hey Amy ^^
You've been absent for a long time eh? How're you doing? ^-^

I see you like cuddly stuff, so here's a cuddly stamp for you ^^

I am signing your guestbook on orders from the great and mighty earlimoon. He is teh man. Have a nice day.

I, DeadDogInc, the loyal and obedient slave and bitch of earlimoon.
Hey, Amy! I'm signing everyone's GB again for the New Year... It's a drag, but tonight's different! Stay up late, wait, that's normal for you. Anyways, here's the Dog!

Awwww... Cute, isn't it? xD

Enjoying your 2-week long break eh? *cries out of jealousy* Anyways, I hope you get what you hope you wish to receive for gifts this year. I'll sign again when it's New Year because I'm just that weird. Not really... Anyways, here's Santa!

PS: Or is it St. Nick over there?
-Merry Dragon of Ra
hey its really been a while princess, but i have not forgotten you.... your guardian always looks over...
wish you a wonderful and fun christmas Amy dear...

xix Happy Holidays xix

Hoping you have the merriest Christmas!

!~Be naughty and save Santa the trip =3 lol

±±± Happy Holidays ±±±

« Chobo the Hobo»
Wow just in time!! its 1030 pm..lol
wanted to do it earlier..had problems uploading the image

*Reads last signing*

Wah!!! *sniff* So dramatic!

Anyways, signing your GB on your B-Day! It's not really possible to have a cake here, but here's some thoughts! Even still, you're the youngest of the Amy's that I know there. Then again, you're older than me... Cheers for...! Never mind... Here's a cake:

-Winged Dragon of Ra
well i don't know whether i will be able to wish you on your birthday because of possible operations coming up.. so anyway while i still can!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMY!!!always keep smiling alright!! and remember the BlackWing aka Mike will always watch over you!!!!
ask and you shall recieve. I sign since you asked. here is a random pic:

Yeah, tell her i want that stamp, better than that naked lion she put on my G/b and then spank the monkey.

Heh, only kiddin, im here to sign your g/b, i rarely do, but since your an fellow Asian so i just have to.

I Would give you the stamp but i dont want no law suit on my hand so Dante will have to do.

Enjoy and i'll see ya around.
Hey chica! Random signing spree, hope ya return the favour!

Love Vanilla

What do you think? I just made it.
well i can't know you and not sign your guestbook can i?
seeya around the asia forum aight!!
Hello! With this purple font I feel very much... a girl. Anyways, "Amy L", we do talk about random... things. Let's put it that way. Anyways, please stay in touch and sign back. Love to talk to you more. (No, it's not wrong for a boy to say the word "love". Geez, Brits take it way too seriously.) Anyways... Yeah. Here's a stamp...

-Winged Dragon of Ra

YAYAYAY wha CHANG!!!1 for you! I thought to myself, why not go on a spree?
wha CHANG!!! iz tha greatest saying since Roffling a Woffle too!

From my favorite turtle and yours,

School ish here again T_T wahhhh! I don't wanna go back to school It aint's fun T_T too much homewrok T_T

Anyways heres a pretty and RED stampeh X3 have funs XD

Here you go do teh spinning chair thingy XD
WARNING: Thise might lead to a whole bunch of diziness X3

Den-den ^-^