shinobi_95 Warlord007
Jan 3, 08 12:08am
hey heres a sign from me so where's a sign from you? sign back later cause i know you wanna. oh and that map we made on halo 3 was awesome it could be used for ultimate battle!

Xonora Warlord007
Nov 30, 07 12:08pm
Just a random signing.

See ya round,
joe p 123 Warlord007
Oct 21, 07 9:38pm
Hi warlord I hope you continue to come to the Battlefront 2 and CoD3 forum!! get KHII its an awesome game and the forum is really active!!

Sign back!

~Joe P 123~
Snow Ball Warlord007
Oct 11, 07 9:23pm
I'm signin' your guestbook. I just want to know how you're doin'? NeoPM me if you want to. I liked your "Guns (not on my list for Santa, but close) thread.