The only person to not stay with a comic in the PokeFic forums
Is now discovering how soap works :P
*Grabs shotgun, points at head*
The Good and the Evil don't exist. They are a state of mind
Leaving for AWESOME club today be back tommarrow :D
Mess with the Zangoose (AKA me) and you get the Claws
When I'm in leisure mode don't disturb
Act as if it never happend then Admit to it :)

How many Horrible Combos can be found?
This week is Marine+Terrorist+Elevator
What would possibly happen in such a small space?
Murder? Suicide? Shooting?
YOU Decide!

Issue 10 is out!
Hitman! Why'd you leave!
1. Make money 2. Spend Money!
Remember! 10:07 pm!
Is now an Internation Drug Lord! JK
now knows that a Unicorn can be a Robot!
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