haribo446 WangChung
Nov 28, 09 8:34pm
u abosoutlute sad *bleep* get a *bleep*ing life u chinky bastered u like chicken fried rice go bac 2 ur own *bleep*ry *bleep* !!!!!!!! !!!!!!!UN!!!!! Sapcker freak chinky
sweep WangChung
May 18, 07 10:34pm
A travesty! A book of a member such as you deserves not neglect, it deserves pages numbering in the thousands!

Nevertheless, I bestow upon you... my stamp.
dearest apollo WangChung
May 11, 07 11:36pm
Because you're that cool, you get to have your guestbook signed by meee.

Hope to talk to you,
CrystalLaser WangChung
Dec 28, 05 10:01pm

Thought I'd be the first to sign your guest book! see you around!