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  • "even suprior to the game cube with much more animals and dinos in it an amazing experiance TurokEvolution"
    nasty nappa Jun 18, 11 5:40am
  • "a game i played so much the game cube blew up its a grusome animal killing expiriance TurokEvolution"
    nasty nappa Jun 18, 11 5:36am
  • "Senselessly murdering small innocent baby dinosaurs motivelessly is pretty much all you can do on this without dying. TurokEvolution"
    JasonKaotic Jul 23, 10 1:55pm
  • "not a single turok game i havent pummeled into submission. even though this one sucked balls TurokEvolution"
    XcaptainXobliviousX Dec 26, 09 1:55am
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