KenshinX Wanderer
Feb 07, 06 1:14am
She builds her own satellite
From an old rusted chair
She leaves this old world behind
And the things that she cares

Maybe she's gone
But it won't be for long
What do I know?
Maybe she's found
What we all dream about
What do I know?

She's beautiful and wonderful
I can't compare
It's not that fair

She builds a strong alibi
From the future that's here
She needs to know I'm alive
And that I'm flesh and I tear

Maybe she's wrong
But I won't mind my own
What do I know?
And their silicone
With a touch of her soul
What do I know?

She's beautiful and wonderful
I can't compare
It's not that fair

You ruled, Wanderer. Good luck in life, man. I know you wont be a wanderer forever. Love and Faith.
Fallout Punk Wanderer
Nov 29, 05 7:52am
I hope life is going great for you...wanderer....Just wanted to stop by and say hi.......The original samurais from the WOTS forum...LOL:)...

Take it easy man

Dark Samurai Wanderer
Mar 17, 05 8:59pm
SIgned it again hahahaha ...........................................................................................................................
no pic sorry
TheLord968 Wanderer
Feb 20, 05 7:02am

I don't even know if there is a waffle day,
And there probably isn't,
But I feel like going on a spree,
And I need a reason..
Don't I?

My Best Friend and Yours,

BlackThunder68 Wanderer
Jan 04, 05 2:58am
There are many times when I cast back to the last time I ever saw a cowbell, and I realise how distant that very memory is, but then I come to realise, it is but a memory. And in memory of that memory, I have brought forth a communial guestbook signing to you. So that you and I can both share the magic of, ahhhhh ... Cowbell.

Bring to me more cowbell, and you will have served me well.

Angel Blade Wanderer
Nov 26, 04 12:23pm

I guess I'm trying to ignore a night of boredom because I have a weird case of insomnia this night. Must be from the turkey and Apple Cider. Have fun and see ya around.

Angel Blade27
Skaterstar57 Wanderer
Oct 02, 04 8:22am
Don't mind me, I'm on a signing spree! ^^

Please sign back!

Here's some of my stamps!:

Take care!
NSX Wanderer
Aug 22, 04 6:32am
Your guestbook has been signed by whom? Guess.

See you later Wanderer. Sign back if you want...
animegirl Wanderer
Aug 10, 04 11:15pm
I don't think you know me, but I've seen you around Neo.
Um... I currently can't find my stamp, so... yeah.
Well, I hope I can get to know you better. Please sigh my g-book back. Domo arigato gozaimasu. See Ya.

~ animegirl
Soraslight Wanderer
Aug 07, 04 5:43am
I was just gb surfin' and you came up so I thought I would sign your gb. I read your profile and how you describe your love for Marie is beautiful. You two must be very happy. Here's a stampy!

Sign my GB and pm me!
Eagle Eye Wanderer
Jul 07, 04 7:58am
Hey man, whats up?
don't think you know me but I'm a Big fan of yours, how the Heck are ya?
I can't promise you that you will know me straight away, but in a While, we will be good buddys.
Oh a Stamp?
Here you go.

Don't forget to sign back, EE has Been here.

KenshinX Wanderer
Jun 04, 04 11:43pm
We can dance!!!!

Heheh...I saw you Online today..

I dont know if you'll check this..but man, when you an Dine left..things seemed to get outta control...

*Sigh* see ya.

Tyrant X Wanderer
May 08, 04 1:13am
Hey man long time no see. Thanks for signing my guestbook again! I've got plenty of free time to post in the forums now but I always seem to have something else to do...oh well...

I hope you come up with another good idea for an RP so we can partner together against the forces of evil again. *nostalgic* I'll try to stay active in the forums this time!

The X
Unspoken Wanderer
Mar 02, 04 6:25am
Hello! I live in my own little world, but its ok. they know me there. Random guestbook signings. Please sign my guestbook back.

Press ALT and F4 for a hidden message.

|.______.| |||||||||||||||||||| |.______.|
|.::::::.| |||||||||||||||||||| |.::::::.|
|.::::::.| Stupid Length Thingy |.::::::.|
|.::::::.| |||||||||||||||||||| |.::::::.|
|.______.| |||||||||||||||||||| |.______.|

Little Miss Magic Wanderer
Feb 14, 04 10:09pm
Eureka Wanderer
Feb 01, 04 3:07am
Yo, Wandere. It's me..the one and only..Eureka! Sorry I never signed your guestbook back. I forgot to. Well, I'm signing it now..
Got no stamp right I'll just do a normal uh..signing a g-book thingy. >_<
Well, maybe I'll talk to ya later. Cya!^^
Yhegar Meister Wanderer
Jan 16, 04 7:03pm
That was a real surprise, you've practically introduced me here on Neo... *Laughs* You shall be missed... meet me in the kitchen for some friggen lunch! I'm damned hungry!
Whistling Wolf Wanderer
Jan 11, 04 3:20am
Happy new year!! and thanx for the old (as we say in Norway )

Thanx for signing my GB I love the picture
I sadly have no picture to stamp your GB back...
And sadly I couldn't wish you Feliz navidad last year, but there is always this year !

Sin Mad Cammy

I'm gonna give you a little picture anyway!
Even though it's not a stamp... It's still good right? He he!
It's my first banner here on Neo as well (been using it since I don't have a proper stamp -_-)

Have a good one!
Studly Cannon Wanderer
Dec 31, 03 9:41am
Your grandpa with the glass eye:
Little Miss Magic Wanderer
Dec 29, 03 9:51pm

Hey again! Just saw it was your birthday right? You're 16?! or 17? I thought you were older than me ^^ Hope you have a good one!

LMM xxx
Little Miss Magic Wanderer
Dec 27, 03 2:55am

Merry Christmas! Click the stamp for an animation! Take care and I'll be seeing you around! ^^

LMM xox
KenshinX Wanderer
Dec 26, 03 11:26am
Well, Merry Christmas to you to! It was fun when we were all n00bs eh? Spamming here and there, yet having a wonderful time..

Those were the we're sophisticated people...-err Samurai..

Feliz Navidad...or whatever..
Iscariot Wanderer
Dec 25, 03 8:58am

May your holidays be filled with joy! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year![/div]
Hawkeye Wanderer
Dec 25, 03 6:49am
Yes! The hills are aliiiiiiiiiiiiive with the sounds of muuuuuuuuuuuuusssssiiiiiiiiiiiiic*hack cough spit*

Hahaha. Merry Christmas buddy! I hope you have a great day! I have a limited edition stamp juuuuuuust for you!

... and all my other friends

Have a great holiday. And happy early birthday too!
Dec 24, 03 8:03pm
Merry Chrsitmas, or Hanukkah, or Quanzah, or um... uh... oh what the hell