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Nov 20, 15 12:49pm

i have all these materials gathered and i can't even craft good gear because my level is too low. game pls. pls no. i wanna be a real witcher with cool gear. not this kefka impersonator. ;_;7
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Oct 30, 10 11:56am

Well it's that time of year again and I love it.
The costume parties,the sexy chocolate covered apples,and of course the Halloween Classic movies.
My Favorite movies to watch are the Chucky ones cuz that dude/doll is crazy.
I love watching horror movies on Halloween,they get a extra bit of scary-ism to them on said day.
(I know,scary-ism isn't a word but work with me)
Now I have been following the tradition of stealing candy from kids and makin em shit themselves silly since I hit puberty.
Then eating said candy while watching a few scary movies.
That is my Halloween Classic,how bout anyone else,what are your HCs'????

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Oct 27, 10 1:15am

Well I am a huge fan of Anime and I got to thinkin,why are the eyes so big?
I'm not saying it's a bad thing.
And that got me to thinkin even more,are there girls who have Anime Like Eyes?
I indeed found some but I would like for any and all who read to share if they have met or come across any girls with such gorgeous eyes.

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Wakaman blogged
Oct 22, 10 6:06am

I can't help but notice a lot of the girls at the school I went to were Asian.
And I put this on my Mother when I say that none of them were ugly.
Is it just me or did the Asian women inherit Goddess like genes?
Feel free to comment.

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