did i really just miss lydia's stream :|
run the jewels 2 stream & download http://bit.ly/1wyEEcK
Tyga's new track is flames http://bit.ly/1FPTIrw
some hot chocolate to get the day started. damn right.
Frigid Outskirts y u do dis
Bloodborne alpha is supposedly out. http://bit.ly/1ub1h75
make it stahp

so i noticed this keeps happening. my avatar keeps changing back to my previous one but when i go to change it back it shows up as my current avatar.

I'm so bored right now.
Anyone want to trade for my Dragon Age 2 code?
Bloodborne Livestream from TGS
I just won Dragon Age 2
Pornhub trying to get together with Youtubers with150K+ subscribers lmao.
I hate the goddamn red phantom before chariot boss.
Aluminatey 10-4-13 Never Forget.
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