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C l i c k H e r e t o M a i n P a g e
Entering Wadever's Home...
Greeting ppl, dont hesistate to PM me for questions.

I . n . t . r . o . d . u . c . t . i . o . n
Welcome to my Neohome, u can call me Wadever...every1
calls me that. I'm new to this neoseeker thing, so i so called
a newbie.. -.-" I'm 16 years old. Add me as ur friend.
I'm can be a very lonely person, ya know...Mail me for questions

2 . I n t e r e s t / l i k e s
Well...i like to playing computer games, serving the internet,
out for a swim, and SLEEP, lol. Most of the time, i'll be on the
net. I am a Final Fantasy fan, so if u got anything to do with it
, mail me. If u know of any sites with cute gifs, mail me too. xÞ

3 . F a v o u r i t e G a m e s
I like to play Warcraft III, Completed the whole campaign
in just 3 days...lol, same for Frozen Throne. *Waits for Warcraft 4*
I also like to play lots of Internet games...such as Runescape,
Boinicle Mata Hui Online Game II and Lego Drome Racing Challenge.

U . s . e . f . u . L . i . n . k . a . g . e
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Please do come again next time, still updating.

Maybe Will be updating more in the future. Just remember
to sign my guestbook on your way out...-.-"~ "Thank you" Bye bye!! XÞ