teodortenchev Wadever
Sep 18, 03 2:37pm
Keep posting in the DW2 forum and...don't forget FF series.I like them all

Well,see ya around later...
Shadow12 Wadever
Sep 18, 03 7:37am
Hi, welcome to neoseeker. I see you are new. I haven't played Final Fantasy but I heard it's great. See ya around the forums.

ChaosLord Wadever
Sep 10, 03 5:08pm
Hi there Wadever!How are you?I dont know what else to write...I hope you have fun!Well, see ya later buddy! ChaosLord
powerb Wadever
Sep 8, 03 2:12pm
hey how are ya doing . i'm domien brandsma from the netherlands, and i hope you enjoy it here at these forums if you got any problems you can pm me about it.