It said sign so I must sign. I don't know man. I gotta go build a bridge or something. I need to meet the minimum length of 125 characters don't I?
Hi...I am Chococat277. I've seen you around the wrestling forums so I just wanted to stop by your buestbook and give ya a stamp! It's a very sexy stamp too! it is!

It's destiny! He will get the title back in his hands very very soon! Just you wait and see.

PM me to chat! ^-^
pretty nifty skyline your pickin up there dont rice it ha

I wanted to sign your Guset book because I haven't talked to you in a while. I hope you like it. I made it myself. alright, see you around.
Mr. Hankey and I wish you a very Merry Christmas!

Randy orton's awsome so is the rest of evolution it is amazing that he is the youngest world heavy weight champian.

November 7. It's coming...

~no really......
Hey hope we can be friends in the future. So keep Private messaging me and we can stay in touch. Peace. Hope to see you sometime later.
Hey! I just wanted to thank for signing my guestbook, that made it shuttup for a while.

Ritus just left the Guestbook...

Wait that doesn't sound right, Hmm... how bout this?

Ritus just clicked my.neoforum

Still doesn't sound right... Guess I'll stay here a while so I can thing of something which sounds right
This makes three times I've signed, but this time I've got somthing I think you will enjoy more than my banner! ENJOY!

You really look like Randy Orton? I look like....ehh i dunno.. keep up the good posting and stuff and whatnot

You seem cool and help become a better neo member. I thank you for the help on no being a spammer. Well just wanna to say hi. You have great ideas on the Smackdown vs Raw forums and DOR fourms also. Well keep it real.
Also could you please return the favor and sign back thanks.
Evolution rules and Randy Orton deserves to become the world Heavyweight champ at summerslam.

Wow dude! evolution is getting bloody massive! Im a member of evolution aswell! Randy orton is the next Champ for sure! Peace out man,

Darkness Fox.....
Gald to see another Evolution member and thanks for signing my guestbook. Also see u later. peace dude and I love ur avatar. Keep it rule like u said Nobody misses with Evolution.
Hey WWE_Evolution! You signed my Guestbook and I don't think I signed yours yet, so I am now. You're a great member in the MGS3 forum. See ya around the forums!

(Yes I know my name isn't Echo yet, but it will get changed soon)
I see you alot in the sdvsraw forum and I notice you are a big fan of randy orton well guess what... I dont!!! (just kidding) you seem cool and see you around
Since you asked...

Cheers for the help on the "Own/Want list", hope you sign my guestbook, if you haven't already, and I hope more of you sign my as well, bye y'all, I'll be hanging some other forums for a while, so...
thanks for signing my gb and see ya round the db forum you seem a big fan of the show me to
i thought since u signed my gb i would sign urs hope to hear from u soon i hope we can be NeoFriends. So thanks for signing my gb that was nice of u
Cheers for the signing, you asked, so here's my signing!!!

Anywho, hope more of you sign this man's, and while you're at it sign mine in the prosess, cinq ya!
Hey man! Randy Orton is the bomb, The best damn wrestler alive, and everyone knows it! They just don't want to admit it! Anyways, I know I already signed, but we are practically brothers now! You're really cool. Keep in Touch.

Hope this is to yer liking(of course it is it's randy)

Spitt!(Randy Orton 4 Life)
Hey, you have some interesting stuff to say on the SDvR forum keep it coming