Jun 12, 06 12:29pm
Hi VortexDragon.I meant to sign when I registered, but I never got around to it.So I'm signing now.

Please sign back when you can.
FARTzilla VortexDragon
Sep 10, 05 8:59am
Ok here it is......"IF YOUR NAME WAS STIKY EGG FART WHAT WOULD YOU DO?" That was realy *bleep*ed up wasnt it!?LOL!Well pleas sign back.
matt_coolguy13 VortexDragon
Aug 29, 05 2:44am
Hi I just wanted to thank you for all your help in the conker forum

You have just been stamped by matt_coolguy13

Dont forget to sign back!

Black Sage VortexDragon
Jul 26, 04 5:24am
Hi, you probely don't know me. I have seen you a lot in the Jak2 forum and I thought I would sign your Guestbook. Hi. Hope to see you more in the forums.
youko kurama VortexDragon
Jul 16, 04 8:18am

Its to all my freinds its just to show you people that iam back and in a big way
{* you people - my freinds}
Hiei is good and all but kurama rules but dark and daisuke {red haired and purple haired people } Are better than kurama and hiei even though their the same person lol
Merv VortexDragon
Jul 18, 03 6:01am
Wanna be pals? Your my pal. Just wanted to sign your guestbook to help out a beginner. Nice pic. Sorry I have no stamp.

youko kurama VortexDragon
Jul 6, 03 8:33am
these suck right i dont know if you know but for a while now ive been having a comepitition to see who can get the most posts im winning now though