Hi VortexDragon.I meant to sign when I registered, but I never got around to it.So I'm signing now.

Please sign back when you can.
Ok here it is......"IF YOUR NAME WAS STIKY EGG FART WHAT WOULD YOU DO?" That was realy *bleep*ed up wasnt it!?LOL!Well pleas sign back.
Hi I just wanted to thank you for all your help in the conker forum

You have just been stamped by matt_coolguy13

Dont forget to sign back!

Hi, you probely don't know me. I have seen you a lot in the Jak2 forum and I thought I would sign your Guestbook. Hi. Hope to see you more in the forums.

Its to all my freinds its just to show you people that iam back and in a big way
{* you people - my freinds}
Hiei is good and all but kurama rules but dark and daisuke {red haired and purple haired people } Are better than kurama and hiei even though their the same person lol
Wanna be pals? Your my pal. Just wanted to sign your guestbook to help out a beginner. Nice pic. Sorry I have no stamp.

these suck right i dont know if you know but for a while now ive been having a comepitition to see who can get the most posts im winning now though