I would just like to say that I love you :hick:. You've always been a good friend to me and :hick: FFT will always be one of the greatest games of all time. Hey, nice couch. I'm just gonna lie down here and zzzzzzzzzzzzzz..........sleeeeeeppppp........
just say sup, and stuff, but hey your one of the coolest FFt ppl posting here, man thats kool, i would have though, not so many ppl like FFT, but anyway, lates and see ya later! lol
Hey there Vormav, old buddy! Just thought I'd give this thing a try. I leave you with these four words of wisdom: "Final Fantasy Tactics rules!"
Hey sup Vormav just thought I would sign your book, us FFT fanatics have to stick together. Well if you can sign my book if you get a chance. Well l8r.