hollataplaya Von Willebrand
Jan 9, 13 1:27pm
Honest and fair seller, great to deal with. Very trustworthy. Thanks again.
Lookingtosell Von Willebrand
Dec 12, 12 8:50pm
Great to trade with! Fast smooth and was very nice
dArc43 Von Willebrand
Dec 11, 12 12:50pm
Great Buyer!
Dpower11 Von Willebrand
Dec 9, 12 6:13pm
Excellent Buyer!! A+++
Paid right away and smooth transaction!
anony-mouse Von Willebrand
Dec 7, 12 4:49pm
Great buyer, good communication and fast payment.
wiltedwish Von Willebrand
Nov 30, 12 8:25am
Good buyer, transaction went smoothly with good communication. would deal with again!
h1021 Von Willebrand
Nov 13, 12 5:00pm
please sell to can. I can, and did trust him with buying my cards. GREAT BUYER!!!
edwardtimliu Von Willebrand
Nov 7, 12 1:05am
Awesome guy, very nice, very fast. Would love to deal with again!