Artirtico Vollando
Dec 24, 11 7:05pm
Artirtico Vollando
Dec 25, 10 6:00am

Hiya! Odd, I was sure I'd stamped your guestbook before xD Cheers for the awesome games on Uncharted and I hope they continue into UC3! Oh and Chloe rules of course...

Hope you have a great Christmas and that 2011 brings you good more Uncharted yes? xD
Samkuro Vollando
Dec 24, 10 7:44am

Happy Holidays
Hope you have an awesome day, and a Happy New Year

from samkuro
COD Fan 2010 Vollando
Jul 18, 10 10:31pm
I know we just met but thanks for helping me figure out about MW2 I never really thought about till you told me that man so yer thanks hope to see ya around in the forums or if you add me on the PS3?
Samkuro Vollando
Feb 14, 10 9:27am

Happy Valentines Day, whether you are a friend or something more, this is just to let you know that you're a good friend, and I am just spreading the love to all my awesome friends xD
from SammyBoy
FourthBeat Vollando
Dec 24, 09 7:22pm

~ All the best,
Samkuro Vollando
Jul 25, 09 3:33am
I noticed you hadn't got any stamps, so I thought I would be the first to sign it.

To many more fun times on Little Big Planet XD