Vollando blogged
May 08, 12 7:45am

First kill = Across the map grenade!

gaming related neoseeker related playstation 3 uncharted
Vollando blogged
May 07, 12 7:13pm

A second under 15 minutes means I can upload it. xD

rayman playstation 3 gaming related neoseeker related
Vollando blogged
May 05, 12 1:58am

So far it seems to be an interesting mix of an Arcade racer like Motorstorm with a Simulator like DiRT 3, keep an eye out for it.

neoseeker related playstation 3 gaming related dirt showdown
Vollando blogged
May 03, 12 2:11pm

Question to readers - When it comes to punishment, would you rather clean up the mess you made, or be banned from something for a while?

other musingsthoughts exclusion school punishment
Vollando blogged
Apr 30, 12 9:25pm

Ite, because I've got exams coming up, I can't spend as much time as I would on the Lets Play. I'll still try and get uploads, but they probably wont be in HD because it's so much quicker to upload it normally.

gaming related neoseeker related playstation 3 rayman lets play
Vollando blogged
Apr 28, 12 12:16pm

I think the guy might of left the game just before I killed him, either way, lol.

neoseeker related playstation 3 gaming related
Vollando blogged
Apr 26, 12 9:24pm

Haven't actually done a Skate 3 Montage in a while, so while I was working to the Platinum Trophy, I grouped together some of the most creative tricks I could do into a little package. And here it is, enjoy


other gaming related playstation 3 skate 3 creative
Vollando blogged
Apr 24, 12 5:11pm

Again, like I said before, because this one was so long I had to downgrade the video quality a bit, but even my HD videos don't do this game justice. Really recommend it.

Also, I did a Zombies video, and expiremented with a new intro for my channel, thoughts?

playstation 3 neoseeker related gaming related
Vollando blogged
Apr 16, 12 8:54pm

By the way, for part 10, I decided to only upload it in Standard Definition, because the video was too long to upload in HD. I'll probably start to do this now with the LP - Any Part over 15 minutes won't be in SD. Sorry guys, but it just takes too long. jbh Agent Mo

playstation 3 gaming related neoseeker related rayman
Vollando blogged
Apr 15, 12 11:07am

jbh Agent Mo DarshD

Apparently I'm a few characters short of a blog post so I'll stretch this out. Nipples.

lara croft sharks playstation 3 neoseeker related gaming related sniper elite skate platinum

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Vollando blogged
Apr 15, 12 12:08am

My voice is a little out of sync, but there you have it.
Vollando blogged
Apr 12, 12 8:26am

Sorry that I haven't updated in a while, been busy. Though I do have this little gem which I uploaded yesterday.

deus ex ripulse animal crossing wii animal crossing city folk playstation 3 neoseeker related gaming related
Vollando blogged
Apr 07, 12 8:50pm

Back to my normal Commentary. :)

Vollando blogged
Apr 06, 12 5:42pm

Sorry guys, no commentary on this episode, but wanted to keep the video. Hope you enjoy.

ripulse animal crossing wii animal crossing city folk gaming related playstation 3 rayman lets play
Vollando blogged
Apr 05, 12 9:53pm

Whilst recording Part 8 I had a powercut which was pretty annoying so I'll go back and re-record that as soon as possible. Until then, enjoy.

ripulse animal crossing wii animal crossing city folk playstation 3 gaming related rayman lets play
Vollando blogged
Apr 03, 12 8:35pm

That's right...

Released November 2009, has this game changed or improved in any way, shape, or form? Not really, though I did enjoy going back and playing it again because all the try-hards have moved on. :)

modern warfare ripulse animal crossing wii animal crossing city folk playstation 3 gaming related
Vollando blogged
Apr 01, 12 7:53pm

To keep it short, Whilst Skate 3 is technically the better game and I will admit the online is far superior, I find Skate 2 much more enjoyable, realistic and down-to-earth.

Also, because I've been doing so many videos recently and I try to keep it one video per blog post, here are two other videos from me. Part 6 in the Lets Play Rayman 3 HD and also Resident Evil 2 Gameplay and Commentary. :)

skate rayman resident evil playstation 3 neoseeker related gaming related

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Vollando blogged
Mar 31, 12 8:49am

This episode shows a couple of mini-games I've unlocked, the last section of Clearleaf Forest and the Master Kaag boss, the second boogie board section as well as the first part of the Bog of Murk level. Enjoy!

rayman 3 hd playstation 3 gaming related
Vollando blogged
Mar 30, 12 12:25am

I got quite a bit of recording done today, but it's taken forever to convert and upload the files. Parts 5 and 6 should be up tomorrow.

rayman hd gaming related playstation 3
Vollando blogged
Mar 27, 12 8:31pm

I'm going to start this video by saying that this video has taken 3 days to upload - It failed 4 times and went out of sync the 5th, but today it finally worked. Hope you enjoy.


rayman gaming related playstation 3
Vollando blogged
Mar 26, 12 4:48am

This was actually uploaded a couple days ago, but I completely forgot about blog posting it because I've started my 'Lets Play Rayman 3 HD' so I got distracted, but here it is.

uncharted raging hunter egg rathalos playstation 3
Vollando blogged
Mar 22, 12 7:38am

Samkuro Kastor your shout outs are at the beginning of this video. ;)

I didn't play much of this but from what I've seen, I can imagine really good things from WARP, so if your a fan of Portal 2, Braid or LittleBigPlanet, check this out. :)

warp playstation 3 neoseeker related gaming related
Vollando blogged
Mar 18, 12 7:41pm

Several new videos have been released by Ubisoft for the upcoming Rayman 3 HD game that comes out Wednesday 21st on the PSN Store. The videos highlight the games enemies, worlds and power-ups. :)

The best bit is that this only half of what the game has to offer, so (I can't stress it enough) pick this game up when it releases. :D
Vollando blogged
Mar 12, 12 9:03pm

Dead End Thrills recently just put up quite a lot of new images on his site, check them out: www.deadendthrills.com Several of them are Skyrim related which is perfect seeing as I've just been playing it. Below are are some hand-picked favourites.

gaming related
Vollando blogged
Mar 09, 12 7:39am

Agent Mo DarshD Artirtico Hurricarno jbh Markimus_123 PkFlAsH

The way they come up that escalator thing on City of Brass is so badass.

uncharted playstation 3 gaming related
Vollando blogged
Mar 01, 12 8:59pm

P.S ordered Rayman Origins yesterday, should be coming in 3 days. :D

playstation 3 neoseeker related gaming related uncharted
Vollando blogged
Feb 28, 12 7:59am

There are a lot of Star Wars rip off's out there if you look for them, most notably the 'Turkish Star Wars' film, but Mother-*bleep*er Mike from Cinemassacre did this video on the movie "Message from Space", and it's definitely one of the weirdest.

Pink Coconuts as Robot tits? Yes please.

Vollando blogged
Feb 25, 12 10:17pm

A lot of the guys on my team were raging, very funny stuff, enjoy:

playstation 3 neoseeker related gaming related uncharted
Vollando blogged
Feb 20, 12 8:40pm

Agent Mo Artirtico samkuro PkFlAsH Markimus_123 DarshD Hurricarno Dragoon jbh

The second of Uncharted 3's Flashback Map Packs is coming out this week and Naughty Dog have just released a Trailer showing the new look on each of the maps. Train Wreck in particular looks very interesting.

playstation 3 neoseeker related gaming related uncharted

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Vollando blogged
Feb 18, 12 8:45pm

I almost didn't get this game after not enjoying Fallout: New Vegas, but thank God I ended up buying out because I would of missed out, a lot.

playstation 3 gaming related skyrim
Vollando blogged
Feb 15, 12 10:11am

Agent Mo

skip to 4:10 for the moonwalking zombie

skip to 7:50 to see the fire sale glitch

playstation 3 neoseeker related zombies black ops
Vollando blogged
Feb 13, 12 11:43pm

Recently started replaying Black Ops, there's nothing more hilarious then two good friends and a private match of Gun Game.

With Commentary by myself.

playstation 3 neoseeker related gaming related
Vollando blogged
Feb 11, 12 7:31pm

The conclusion to the new Co-op Adventure map Fort for Uncharted 3. Will myself, Agent Mo and Hurricarno survive? Find out!

playstation 3 neoseeker related gaming related uncharted fort dlc
Vollando blogged
Feb 09, 12 8:13pm

I feel that the only people who view my blog posts are those who would of seen the videos anyway, but I still feel like doing it. xD Heres Agent Mo Hurricarno and myself on the new Uncharted 3 Co-op adventure map Fort!

DarshD jbh Artirtico Markimus_123 PkFlAsH you guys might be interested also. :)

playstation 3 gaming related
Vollando blogged
Feb 03, 12 4:20pm

DarshD I think I was talking to you about this, well finally it uploaded. xD

It's pretty long, but I'd say that if you have any spare time to give it a view, it's really interesting. :)

Vollando blogged
Feb 02, 12 4:37pm

Agent Mo For a while now on Neoseeker I have said Rayman 3: hoodlum havoc is my favourite game of the PS2 and, after replaying it recently, my favourite game of all time. Even as a playstation 2 game it holds up pretty well graphically, the controls are perfect, the gameplay and level designs are so creative and fun to play, and even the voice acting is pretty well done.

And now, they've announced a HD remake:

jbh I know I've said it before, but now, THIS is the game I will do a Lets Play on. Seriously, my favourite game ever been brought back in all new High Definition so a newer audience can experience it themselves, I can't wait. People will probably play and not rate it as highly myself, but right now I'm buzzing with excitement. :D

playstation 3 gaming related

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Vollando blogged
Jan 31, 12 10:39pm

Haven't done a Skating blog post in a awhile, which is funny because I've recently become addicted to the skating duo Tim & Eric

other skateboarding
Vollando blogged
Jan 21, 12 8:48pm

DarshD jbh

You guys probably already know this, but I found it quite helpful. :)

skyrim sheathing playstation 3 neoseeker related gaming related
Vollando blogged
Jan 20, 12 7:30am

A dead solider wakes up to find himself with his gun, a widescreen TV, and a whole lot of time...

The director comments... "My idea was to make a story where the character starts out a hero, turns into a coward and ends up a fool. It's basically a big cruel trick played on him by whoever controls the afterlife... It's nice to be able to make a movie that has a really unhappy ending, and yet people still seem to enjoy it. I know it's potentially controversial subject matter - there were complaints on Irish Radio after its run in the cinema... but at least I didn't try to tack on an upbeat ending, which I believe is a way of taking it more seriously."

movies animation
Vollando blogged
Jan 18, 12 8:27pm

Agent Mo Dragoon Whitefalcon DarshD

The Good:

- Perfect ending to the trilogy
- Interesting Characters
- Altair & Desmond sequences
- If it ain't broken dont fix it

The Bad:

- Den Defence (WHY?)
- Combat a bit too easy
- Not much to do after single player

playstation 3 neoseeker related gaming related assassins creed review revelations

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Vollando blogged
Jan 16, 12 8:49pm

Now firstly, let me tell you my thoughts about Surrealism. I don't love it, but I can tolerate it. Surreal Art is interesting, and surreal Literature is pretty enjoyable. Hell I'll even watch a film or two.

But Surreal Music, holy shit.

What the hell? I've honestly heard nothing like it. And the weird thing is, I find it strangely addicting. There's something about it that makes me want to listen to it over and over and over. Maybe because I still don't know what I'm listening to. I don't exactly enjoy it, if someone asks me what I'm listening to I'd lie and say something else, but this is my guilty pleasure.

etna music
Vollando blogged
Jan 14, 12 5:03pm


braap ting.
Vollando blogged
Jan 08, 12 6:58pm

Dang, haven't done a blog post in 5 days! that's pretty bad for me. :laugh: back to school and all that I suppose. :) Speaking of which I have a Chemistry Exam re-sit this week on Thursday, and I honestly almost forgot about it until friday when the Teacher pulled me behind after class and gave me mock paper to do over the weekend (which I haven't done). The conversation went a little like this;

"What is this?"

"It's your mock paper, have it in for Monday please".

"Mock Paper... for what?"

"Your exam on Thursday".

"Oh yeah, when is that?"

"First period, do you even know what it's on?"


"That's not even a science".

"Haha, oh yeah, um, Biology?"


"Yeah I meant that".

"Ok then".

"What Module is it on?"

"C1, C2 and C3".

"Ok thanks".

"You really haven't been revising have you?"

"For what again?"

And here's a delightful video for you guys. :)

Agent Mo Artirtico jbh Markimus_123 DarshD Samkuro Hurricarno The Pursuit The Hudd

playstation 3 musingsthoughts neoseeker related gaming related

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Vollando blogged
Jan 02, 12 7:34pm


I don't know exactly how much of the Neoseeker community actually play Skate 3, but for those who do, I hope you find this video interesting. :)

neoseeker related gaming related playstation 3
Vollando blogged
Dec 31, 11 10:55am

My second fight against a Dragon in Skyrim, this was pretty intense at the time, and I really thought I was going to win, until, well, you'll see. :_oops:

playstation 3 gaming related
Vollando blogged
Dec 28, 11 9:47pm

Now admittedly I had already fought the Dragon that appears at the Watchtower near Whiterun in the Main Quest, but this was the first one I saw otherwise.

jbh DarshD Hurricarno highdragon255 Markimus_123

playstation 3 gaming related
Vollando blogged
Dec 27, 11 6:03pm

jbh Markimus_123 DarshD

Greetings, members of Neoseeker, I have finally obtained Skyrim, and in this video I depict myself on my dangerous journey through some place near Whiterim or something like that taking on bad guys and hunting Moose.

gaming related neoseeker related
Vollando blogged
Dec 23, 11 11:11pm

Agent Mo DarshD Artirtico jbh Markimus_123

Just a recap of this week's video from myself and you guys:

Mo's first ever youtube video is a nice Five not Alive:

Darsh has got a very fun video of his first encounter with a Dragon on Skyrim:

And Finally I've got a Skate 3 Montage video with my friend CodHummy;

playstation 3 neoseeker related gaming related

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Vollando blogged
Dec 19, 11 2:06pm

Inspired by This Thread

Lets face it, the Villian is always the greatest character in any film, game or book, if they are done properly, and I always remember the bad guys in movies or cartoons far more then the heroes. They can be clever, deceiving, cunning, funny, cruel and just really badass in general. So with that said, let me count down my top 10 favourite Villians ever.

10. Judge Doom - Who Framed Rodger Rabbit

Lets face it, even the name is *bleep*ing cool. For a start he's played by Christopher Lloyd which makes the character great already, and the image is just good old Villian style. We first are first introduced to him in the film with his Weasel Henchmen, and he reveals that he has found a way to literally kill cartoon characters using a mixture of chemicals he calls the dip. Already half the audience hates this guy because of it, and that's what a good Villian does.

9. Angel Eyes - The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

What gets me about Angel Eyes is that he is actually pretty *bleep*ing smart for a Villain, and how unstoppable this guy can be when he wants to. He even becomes a Union Sergeant in the Army just so he can torture the two other main characters. Angel Eyes is played by Lee Van Cleef, who was known for his sharp features and his piercing eyes, and damn does it show in this movie. A man who would aways finish a job that he is payed for (which is usually killing people), Angel Eyes makes the number 9 on my list.

8. Shere Khan - The Jungle Book

I was never a big fan of this film, but Shere Khan actually made it worth watching. He's so sure of himself that you can't help buying into it, and he was one of those Villians that fell onto the arrogant but you-know-that-he-can-actually-*bleep*-shit-up-if-he-wants-to kind of Villian. Not to mention that he has the greatest assistant in the world - Kaa. In a film that I thought was pretty forgettable, Shere Khan was the bad guy who made it memorable.

7. Hades - Disney's Hercules

Like Shere Khan, what I loved about Hades was that he could be this pretty cool character who was pretty full of himself, but when necessary he could also be this intimidating badass. But really what makes the character so great is that, being voiced by James Woods, he puts out so much character (especially for a Villian) you can't help enjoying it. Woods is clearly having fun with the character, and for good reason. The writing is sharp, the design is memorable and overall Hades is a pretty entertaining Villian.

6. Brick Top - Snatch

Alan Ford. Enough said really, but I'll go on. If you have seen Snatch you will know exactly why Brick Top is on this list, probably even say that he should be higher. If you haven't then you should. Brick Top is one of the most ruthless, sociopathic Villians I've seen on the big screen. He literally makes grown men shit themselves. For an old man he just has this presence on-screen, you know he is in control of pretty much everything. Plus he has the greatest Dialouge of any bad guy, ever. Simply a bad ass Villian, Brick Top makes my number 6.

5. Ratigan - The Great Mouse Detective

Like others on this list Ratigan gets into the Top 5 simply for being so egotistical that you really have fun with the character and get sucked into it. Based of Professor James Moriarty from the Sherlock Holmes stories, Ratigan is the perfect archenemy for main character Basil. He is really extravagant with his clothing and sophisticated which is what I love to see in a bad guy, but to the end of the story we really see how insane he can get and it does get pretty intense, especially for a kids film. Played by Vincent Price, who you can tell is having a tonne of fun with the character, Ratigan is definitely one of the best animated villains of all time and very under-rated.

4. Ramon Rojo - A Fistful of Dollars

This guy doesn't really come up in lists much and it's probably because he has to share the film with Clint Eastwood which is the guy everybody remembers but I saw this movie not too long ago and I have to say I *bleep*ing hated this character, but for the right reasons. Like, I didn't hate him because he was poorly written or badly acted, (Johnny Wels actually does a pretty good job when it comes to delivering his lines). No, I hated this character because was such a Villian, such a asshole, bad mother*bleep*er. Basically I hated him for the reasons the film-makers wanted me to hate him, and you know you have an amazing Villian when that happens. There's a scene where he burns down a house to look for a man he wants to kill, and when he does finally realise that the man isn't inside, he STILL kills any people who manage to escape the burning building. Now THATS an asshole. See compared to other films, there always fans who get behind Voldermort or Darth Vader, but with this film, everybody hates this guy, and for good reason.

3. Scar - Lion King

Look at that picture.

2. Darth Vader - Star Wars

Quite possibly the most recognisable Villian of all time, Darth Vader doesn't even have to try and be bad, he's already the most bad ass mother*bleep*er in the film. Yeah Han was cool, but when Vader is on screen you know shit is about to go down. I don't really remember that many lines from the character, but the ones that I do remember I will probably never forget. "I am your father" is the greatest *bleep*ing plot twist of all time, no question. It's pretty simple, but it works so well. After seeing Darth Vader talk about how Luke will "either join the Dark Side or die" then finding out he knew it was his son, man, that's a bad guy right there.

1. Severus Snape - Harry Potter

Now I imagine that a lot of Harry Potter fan-boys will point out that "Snape was actually working for Dumbledore the entire time" and blah blah blah, I'm sorry but when I first saw Snape in the first film, I was like, "yep, that's *bleep*ing Snape right there". It may just be Alan Rickman but he makes the character far better then it was in the books, and this is the greatest example of a shitty protagonist (Harry Potter, who I always thought was pretty boring) compares to a amazing antagonist. I especially love him in the 4th and 5th films because he is just full of sarcasm and is so entertaining, but he can also be pretty badass when he wants to be in the later films, and that's what makes him my top Villian of all time.

Now I know there will be people saying "where is the Joker?" and all that but remember this was a personal list, you can always write your own one and include him in yours for all I care.

musingsthoughts movies neoseeker related

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Vollando blogged
Dec 18, 11 12:03am

For those of you who play with me online on PS3, unfortunately my PS3 has crashed and only now I have restored the system, so I've lost pretty much all of my data (Some was saved through my PS+ Account, but not much) So this weekend will be spent re-downloading and installing my games and music, and during the run-up to christmas I will most likely be replaying some of these re-installed games, such as Portal 2, Killzone 3 and LittleBigPlanet 2. I will also be replaying Rayman 3 on the PS2 when it gets close to christmas, because I *bleep*ing love that game. Seriously, Insomniac, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE make HD collection of the PS2 Rayman games, that being Rayman 2, Rayman M, and Rayman 3. I would pay top dollar for a HD remake of those 3. Yours faithfully, Vollando.

Oh, and to lighten the mood a bit, let me show you why I love Rayman 3 so much:

Gameplay is out of this world, Graphics are very nice for its generation, the art style is georgeous, the story is fun, the music is very atmospheric, and overall it's my favourite game of all time.

playstation 3 neoseeker related gaming related

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Vollando blogged
Dec 12, 11 3:36pm

Whitey once again taking the words right out of my mouth;

And keep in mind this isn't the worst games of 2011, it is the most disappointing, as in, didn't hold up to what we expected it to be.

gaming related
Vollando blogged
Dec 10, 11 6:07pm

I originally had a different blog post up for today, but I went into Loungin' and found this, and so HAD to delete the other post and do this one instead, so thank you Darknet for sharing this. :)

DeadEndThrills basically shows what I love about video games. Using mods and other techniques, this one man takes shots of various games and turns them in to almost a form of art. He goes past the media shots that people would take and show them for what they are. He is essentially showing us that video games can be art.
Here are a couple of my favourites so far:

This is nowhere near all of them though, and there a lot more on each games - Any of the Portal 2 or Skyrim ones are pure gold. You can check the rest of them at his site Dead End Thrills And I hope you enjoy it.

pc neoseeker related gaming related

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Vollando blogged
Dec 06, 11 7:36am

This is definitely one of the weirdest glitches I've ever encountered on Uncharted, or even on the PS3 for that matter. We even had to kill ourselves to fix it. :_pointy2:

playstation 3 neoseeker related gaming related
Vollando blogged
Dec 04, 11 4:15pm

I suggest watching at least the first minute of these clips as Agent Mo is acting insane. :laugh:

playstation 3 neoseeker related gaming related
Vollando blogged
Dec 03, 11 8:30pm

This is pretty freakin' intense for a Film review, that's for sure. If you have the time, you should check this out for sure. Doug lays into this film like I've never seen.

If you haven't much time, I'd suggest skipping to these personal highlights:

1:00 - 2:50
4:05 - 4:40
20:25 - 21:40

Hope you like this video! :D

musingsthoughts movies
Vollando blogged
Nov 30, 11 5:03pm

CPG Grey Video yaaaaay. Now this one is focused on America, but it can easily be applied to other countries. :)


Vollando blogged
Nov 29, 11 8:31pm

This is for not uploading a proper video on Sunday. (I was going to do this so didn't have the time, so I uploaded the Big Push video instead because it was much shorter and someone had requested it) but we're back to normal schedule. :)

Hope you enjoy!. :D

playstation 3 neoseeker related gaming related
Vollando blogged
Nov 27, 11 3:49pm

A while back I made a little post showing the Shiner Teams Big Push 2010 video and saying that it was my favourite skateboarding edit of all time.

That may of changed.

Now this is only one section of Adidas's 2011 Big Push video, but it really goes to show how much more skateboarding can get - in just under a year. Hope you enjoy. :) This is also one of my own videos because sadly there aren't many Big Push 2k11 edits on youtube, so I might have to do all of them myself. D:

Vollando blogged
Nov 24, 11 8:46pm

So the films finally here now, I haven't seen all of it yet (watching it right now), and so far it's pretty impressive. Once you get past the coporate image, its pretty inspiring.


Vollando blogged
Nov 22, 11 7:28pm

I was going into this video expecting James to be doing it so I was quite surprised to find it was actually Mother*bleep*er Mike doing it instead, but it's not a bad thing to be honest.

Guys got some good opinion's on him and its interesting to see what a long-term Zelda fan thinks of the newest game.

musingsthoughts gaming related
Vollando blogged
Nov 20, 11 2:24pm

I've got not one but two videos for you here today! :D The first one is of myself, Samkuro and PkFlash on Co-op Adventure on the Borneo level, and we are playing it on Crushing mode!

This is a pretty long video too, I've made no cuts or anything, this is the exact gameplay, so hope you understand that I didn't upload it in HD because it was so damn long.

Next is a 13 killstreak video with the T-Bolt on Team Deathmatch on Musuem, the song played is called 4 by Tool in case you wondered. :)

Usual neo-note dump: Agent Mo, Gamer Boy, Markimus_123, Artirtico, jbh

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Vollando blogged
Nov 17, 11 6:19pm

I had a video like this quite early on in my blog, but it was only 2 minutes long. Not bad, but they could of extended it. Then I find this video, holy shit, this insane jamming skills right here.

Everything sounds right, and thats what's so amazing. Sure there may be longer jam sessions, but they will generally stumble or recycle what they have already done. Here, it really sounds like they are doing a full song, but the great part is that it's on the spot. 10/10
Vollando blogged
Nov 16, 11 5:56pm

Uploaded this video onto my channel through Uncharted 3's youtube feature. :) I would normally record the games myself but it's nice if you have short clips like this.

playstation 3 gaming related
Vollando blogged
Nov 13, 11 3:37pm

Markimus_123 Agent Mo Samkuro

Mo get rid of Gerty's vid now please. :P

There seems to be a pretty bad synching with the video and audio problem at the beginning, but I think it sorts itself out towards the end. :)

playstation 3 neoseeker related gaming related
Vollando blogged
Nov 10, 11 7:42pm

Vollando blogged
Nov 08, 11 7:32pm

This is probably one of the more, uh intresting songs I've heard:

Anyone who makes it through the whole thing PM me and I'll give you £2 and a picture of my private parts. :)

Vollando blogged
Nov 05, 11 1:50am

For those of you who don't know, Ultimate Chance (a.k.a Whitey) is a independent Video Game reviewer on youtube who has a lot of videos on games he owns and reviews. The guy is very good, in my opinion better then the bigger reviewers like IGN, and his Uncharted 3 review below is a perfect example of this:

playstation 3 gaming related
Vollando blogged
Nov 03, 11 5:05pm

While this does look kinda intresting, 1:20 and 1:50 look pretty cool (Only because it's close to skateboarding) any sport which is controlled by your ass isn't one I would like to partake in.

But, y'know, to each his own. I guess.
Vollando blogged
Oct 31, 11 7:37pm

I am a huge fan of Don Hertzfeldt, and this is easily one of his best works. Combining dark humour, brilliant animation and innovate techniques as well as deep storylines, in a way that only he can.

Enjoy. :)

other movies
Vollando blogged
Oct 29, 11 6:52pm

With Uncharted 3: Drakes Deception out in only 3 days, and my completion of Uncharted: Drakes Fortune and getting the platinum trophy out of it, me and Agent Mo believed it was only right to move onwards to Among Thieves in preperation for UC3's release. Now, we could of gone onto Multiplayer and got some good plays up, but instead we decided to go onto Co-op, as thats what the Uncharted 3 Beta hasn't showcased, so we needed to refresh our memory of teaming up on UC2.

This was the outcome:

:oops: I've never seen anything like this, and probably never will again. Thank you Mo. :laugh:

Vollando blogged
Oct 28, 11 1:00pm

I've yet to even see this movie so I can't tell you how good it is, but judging by this scene alone, it could be hilarious. It reminds me of the scene in Kung Fu Panda where they have a huge, drawn out fight over the last cup of dough, and it always makes me laugh.

final fantasy other
Vollando blogged
Oct 25, 11 1:04pm

More educational videos from CGPGrey! :epic:

other musingsthoughts
Vollando blogged
Oct 24, 11 11:29pm

A lot of cover songs are really popular, heck you only have to go onto youtube to see a lot of these independent covers by regular people, but I've recently found one which has become my personal favourite.

I love it when a person or band takes something and does it so differently but still retains the core of the original song. Here is the original by the way;

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Oct 23, 11 5:35pm

I’ve been playing the Beta a lot more recently, and watching a couple of videos from other Uncharted players to get a good idea on what the community is thinking, and the problem of blind firing is coming up again and again. Luckily I don’t seem to see it that often and when it does happen to me I’m not that mad at it, but I can tell a lot of the community don’t like it and there are couple of reasons as to how naughty dog could nerf it. TripleWRECK already did a really good video on how it could be changed to be more fair, but here’s a couple of my ideas thrown in there.

Firstly, remove the blind fire accuracy mod. The blind fire is bad enough without this attachment and when used with a KAL or a Micro, it’s nearly impossible to beat. I think it should be left on for guns which aren’t fully automatic like the GMal, the Para-9 or the Dragon Sniper, but for all the fully automatic guns this is a really unbalanced mod to have.

Another idea I had was to reduce the damage given off by shooting from the hip. This would also make people incline to aim down the sights rather then blind fire, seeing as how Uncharted 3 has such high health on multiplayer.

My only other problem so far with Uncharted 3 is how on rare occasions you will activate your medal kickback and sometimes will get killed almost instantly, and your kickback is gone. Now, I know some will say that’s a good thing because it makes people think about the right time to use it, it seems a little harsh that I could rack up my 9 medals, use my RPG kickback, and not even get to aim with it because I’ve been suprise-grenaded or stealth killed from behind. My idea was that there could be like a 5-second transitional time where if you get killed before those 5 seconds after activating your medal kickback, when you respawn you medal kickback is still there rather then lost. Kind of like in a platformer game like Crash Bandicoot, where in when you get hit, you character flashes and you can’t be killed for a short period of time. This probably won’t happen at all and I understand why but it’s just a little idea.

Apart from these problems, I still retain from my last video that Uncharted will get Game of the Year. I know that people who have bought Arkham City are already calling it Game of the Year, but I still have faith in naughty dog. I think the only game that could really rival Uncharted is Skyrim, but I haven’t seen enough of it to make a good judgement. Battlefield looks great, and I played the Beta and enjoyed it a lot, but I haven’t seen enough on the single player to be convinced it will get Game of the Year. Assassins Creed Revelations I’m afraid doesn’t stand much chance. It will still be a good game, but it has so much competition this year.
Arkham City may get Game of the Year, but I’m not interested enough to get it unlike Uncharted, Skyrim, Battlefield and Revelations. I understand Arkham City may be an extremely good game, but I personally would rather play the other games listed. I would only get Arkham City if I still had money left over from buying pretty much every other game I wanted this year.

One game I left out on the list was Modern warfare 3. Now I’m really undecided on this game. From what ive seen and heard about the multiplayer, which is the main reason for buying a call of duty game, it could either be a big improvement from black ops and modern warfare 2, or it could be a big pile of shit like everyone thinks it will be. But the thing that makes me interested in Modern Warfare 3 so much is the campaign. Now, I know already it won’t be as good as any of the other games mentioned, but I always enjoyed the call of duty campaign modes, and modern warfare 2 finished on such a cliffhanger that I’m really interested as to what they are going to do with it. I hope I’ve explained my reasons for wanting and not wanting these games, and I hope you enjoyed this video.

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Oct 22, 11 9:04am

For those of you alienated by the UK skateboarding scene, the Big Push was a competition set up in the UK to rival the King of the Road contest set up by Thrasher Magazine in the USA. The concept was that several teams would travel the country going to certain spots to shred and try and make the best video, then fans would vote for a winner. Along the way there are certain challenges to give you bonus points, such as doing the highest ollie in the contest, doing blindfolded hardflips or doing a nollie heelfip with no shoes on.

I recently re-watched the Shiner Team's video in Big Push 2010, and it retains my vote as my favourite skateboarding video by a team yet.

"Thats how we do it on the Shiner Big Push! 2K10 Ta Da!"

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Oct 19, 11 4:38pm

Yep, I've already pre-ordered UC3, played the Beta, and it's got my vote for Game of the Year for sure. But if your still unconvinced on getting this game, watch this. :D


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Oct 18, 11 7:38pm

Throwing some more Uncharted 3 Beta Gameplay at you here from my friend Gamer Boy with an impressive 15 - 0. Repping you hard Gerty. ;)

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Oct 16, 11 7:52pm


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Oct 16, 11 10:22am

Every single Neoseeker Member should watch this video:

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Oct 12, 11 3:46pm

Agent Mo

Well shit, apparently I'm 50 characters down. D:

*bleep* Boob.

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Oct 11, 11 9:34pm

Heres a pretty neat video from C.P.G Grey. I always enjoy his videos as they are always intresting as well as educational, and you'll always learn something new.

And thanks to this video, Americans can't call me English now. :laugh: the Venn Diagram at 2:15 is really helpful for those who don't really want to hear the full explanation (and humour)

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Oct 09, 11 9:39pm

Go on, just watch the first minute ;)

I should mention my own youtube videos are very un-organised in terms of uploading. Theres no real schedule, and I upload whenever I feel like it. Some have commentaries, others music, and a few gameplay ones have no additions at all except minor editing. Either because I don't think they need to, or because I'm too lazy, in which case I lie and say I don't think they need to.

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Oct 08, 11 8:35pm

If you talk to me a bit, you'll probably know I'm a big Primus fan, and I also enjoy anything Surreal and/or Eccentric. Now, I was just browsing a Primus Playlist, when I found this song & it's video. Holy shit, I have never heard or seen anything like it.

The words don't make sence and the video doesn't make sence, but thats what I love about it. You get a brilliant Bass line, and you can do anything with it, but it's bands like Primus who can take a bass line and twist it into Mr Krinkle.

The Music Video is something of pure brilliance. It may not be as polished as Thriller by Michael Jackson, but what it does is amazing. Throwing in all these weird and whacky people, at once, in ONE TAKE. Brilliant. One part that impresses me is the man with his suit and suitcase casually walking across the camera, on fire. In case your intrested, heres the making of the music video:

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Oct 06, 11 9:02pm

Now, for those of you who don't skate, there are a few styles of skateboarding which people will prefer and dislike. Notable ones are Street, Vert, Bowl, Flat and Park. I've always been a Park and Bowl skater myself, and I've dibbed in Street when I'm out skating with friends, but Flat I generally found that you have to be really technical to make it intresting, and Vert is something I've wanted to do but Never really been able to because of the area I'm in.

With that in mind, here are my top 5 professional skateboarders right now. This is completely down to personal choice, and is just as open ended as my favourite music or films, so sit back and relax as I count down my top 5 skaters so far.

5. Chris Haslam

Some of you non-skaters may know this guy from the EA Skate Games, and as a big name for the Almost and Globe companies. The Sasquatch has insane skill on the Mini-Ramps, and he can make grinds look incredibly easy to pull off. If you have never seen him before, check out the Chris Haslam Crazy Ass Trick video on youtube, its jaw-dropping. The only reason I'm putting him down on the list is that he's a big guy in the street scene and it's a place I haven't got that much knowledge in.

4. Kilian Martin

Kilian is easily one of the most impressive new skaters I've seen in a while. He has all the new potential like Sheckler and Houstan, but also has the freestyling abilities of a young Rodney Mullen. A perfect package. Unlike some of the others on this list, there are tricks in his videos I have never, ever seen before. I also recommend checking the Concrete Circus video he was featured in, its brilliant. It's essentially on the street sports like Skating, BMX'ing and Parkour in one, and Kilian's parts are just as good as the others.

3. Patrick Melcher

Patrick Melcher is probably the guy on this list I would most like to session with. He always looks like he's having fun, even when bailing, and when he does land he makes it so buttery. I reckon a lot of skaters will quickly say that he's a poor man's Richie Jackson, but Melcher has so much style, and he does bring new stuff to the table.

2. Rodney Mullen

I know I said this was a personal list, but you really can't have a Top Skaters list without Rodney Mullen. The guy pretty much made skating what it is today, and the best part is he's still going, and still bringing out new stuff. He's freestyling is starting to get catched up by people like Kilian Martin, and his Baggy Pants are looking a little gross, but the guy remains a legend in the world of skating.

1. Richie Jackson

The time I first saw Jackson was when I was starting to get bored of skating itself. There were all these street skaters with blue jeans and white shirts doing 50-50's down rails and yeah, while that's cool, I've seen it down a billion times, and I wsa growing bored of it. Then I saw Richie Jackson's videos, and my mind was blown. I have never, ever seen anyone do anything like the things he was doing. It was old-school skating but with such a freestyle street twist, and I instantly fell in love with his style, and its one I try my best to replicate in my own way today.

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Oct 04, 11 6:59pm

This post doesn't include any of my videos, because I did say I would also post videos I found intresting, and this video right here is the one of the greatest I've seen a while.

My two favourite Musicians, Les Claypool and Buckethead, at Bonnaroo 2002, having probably the greatest improvised jam sessions I have ever seen, ever. Not much else to say, hope you like it as much as me!

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Oct 03, 11 9:08pm

Ok, after playing a bit more of the Battlefield 3 Beta, and getting used to the style and controls of the game, I can happily say I was a little wrong about it at first. I think it is down to the learning curve of the game. It may not be so ball-breaking as other hard games, but BF3 in my opinion doesn't cater for noobs, as you saw in my previous video. You can't run around like an idiot and expect to survive like in other shooters, you have to stay alert and viligant.
This is probably where it effects newbs most, as they will still be trying to get to grips with the maps, controls, weapons and such. However, once you break this barrier, Battlefield 3 becomes a really gripping and intense multiplayer game to play.

On one such occasion, I was playing as a medic, and I spawned on a team-mate in my Squad, and saw that he was pushing to destroy an objective but was getting overwhelmed. I went to help him out, and it looked something like this:

This very tactical layout meant I could cover him as well as get points for giving him extra health as he was next to my medic kit, and he could take down many enemies and get to the objective.
It's these kinds of moments that are really what Battlefield are all about; Smart, tactical gameplay. And to finish off, heres some my more recent gameplay footage, and you can clearly see how I compared to my last Battlefield Video :D

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Oct 02, 11 4:02pm

Some of you, well actually, a lot of you, probably have never heard of this PSN Store game, developed by Psyonix. Even for a Playstation Network game, this title got almost zero attention, mainly due to Sony's lack of advertising it. When PSN was restored a few months back this game was for Free for Playstation Plus members, so it did eventually turn a few heads, but I don't think this game has recieved the attention it deserves.

Heres a quick video I made on the game using its replay mode with my friend Agent Mo

Now, if you pick up the game right now, you probably won't be able to do all the stuff in the video straight away. Battle Cars is easy to learn, but hard to master. But don't be put off, this game is addictive as heck. You will only get bored of it when your creativity dies out, there are so many ways of scoring its unreal, more tricks are being made up every week!

Battle Cars, for those of you who can't tell, is a game of football played with RC Cars, which can go to supersonic speeds and fly around. Imagine that episode of Top Gear when James May and Richard Hammond played Car Football, only with Jet-Packs. There's an single player tournament mode to teach you the basics, and a Mini-Games mode to practise your skills. Theres also an online mode, where teams of up to 4v4 can battle it out to score the most, or best goals they can. My only gripe with the game which stops it being a perfect 10/10 is that the online community is pretty small, so it would help to sign up the Battle Cars Forums to meet people to play.

The game is on the store right now for only £8, and I seriously recommend getting it. Theres a free demo if your a little sceptical and want to see more about this game. Overall, Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle Cars is easily one of the best games on the Playstation Store right now, and one I would definately recommend to any gamer.


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Vollando blogged
Oct 01, 11 7:53pm

Hey guys, I haven't touched my Blog in well over a year, so I thought I would freshen it up a little. Basically, I'll be using this blog to post any videos I create, or anything intresting that I reckon you guys will like. So without further adu, here's my first post in the new blog, with my new video. :)

This was my first time on the Battlefield Beta, hope you enjoy!

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