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Apr 15, 12 11:07am

Sniper Elite demo & Skate 3 Platinum

jbh Agent Mo DarshD

Apparently I'm a few characters short of a blog post so I'll stretch this out. Nipples.

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jbh Apr 15, 12
You're shit at that game.
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Vollando Apr 15, 12
Haters gone hate.
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Agent Mo Apr 15, 12
You should have had vocal reactions to getting the platinum
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DarshD Apr 17, 12
Platinums are very special and that's why you should record them. I have every plat recorded but haven't edited any. So, that's another leason for you. Don't be as busy and lazy as me lol. Really nice work on both videos. Don't worry about SE V2 demo. You played pretty good, it's okay because we can't be great at a game that is new for us. Your Skate 3 plat is a great achievement that's worth showcasing because it's gonna help your Skate career! Thanks so much for notifying me each time you remember me Your blog is one of the best on the net. Take care and keep it up! Best regards, DarshD .

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