Dreadlock Holiday Virtue
Feb 9, 13 5:59am
Just stopping by to sign your guestbook, feel free sign mine as well.

See you around the forums!
Fluidity Virtue
Jul 18, 12 11:43pm
Greetings, oh esteemed artist. While your artistic abilities are indeed admirable, you're somewhat lacking in the grammatical aspect of things. I will now begin to explain the difference between "your" and "you're"... wait, no I won't. It's better than abusing periods, placing them where you should have placed a comma, thus creating a ridiculous amount of fragments. So, I suppose in a way you've improved over the years. VERY GOOD. :3

ANYWAY, back to art. I don't believe it's possible for anyone to draw an oven better than you. Oh, and stick figures. Yours are pretty sweet. Here is some inspiration for your next piece:

Because everyone needs some more Squidward in their lives. I love Squidward. <3

K so next comes the list of images of your favorite things in life, including puppets, Barack Obama, John Locke, "Go Miami Heat" posters, a twisty fist, welfare coupons, and those little straw wrappers on juice boxes.


Just kidding. Guess what I just ordered?


Au revoir mon amour <3
Fluidity Virtue
Oct 1, 09 6:13am
I really do hope you weren't expecting this to be some amazing, long-winded signing that recalls, with detail, everything that has happened here and all of the memories we shared. We know what they are, it's the business of no one else, and I like it that way. Not only that, but it's late and I'm tired, and as the last thing I do on this account, I wanted to be sure it was this. One of the few real reasons I enjoyed coming here was you, despite how complicated it all was. Thank you so much for being there when no one else was, for listening to and putting up with me, and for stealing my heart before anyone else was remotely capable of doing so. If you only knew.

If you look back at this, I just want you to think about where we would possibly be if you never joined this site and talked to me as much back then. In all honesty, we probably wouldn't be close, or celebrating our 13 months together. We'd, or at least I'd be lacking some of the greatest memories and feelings I could have possibly possessed. If this site really is the reason, or a big contributing factor as to how I finally managed to make you mine, I honestly owe this site a lot more than I've given it. Just remember, I love you with all my heart, Jimmy. I'll always be here, together or not, near or far, forever and always. See you in school tomorrow. <3

- Katie
alpha XF Virtue
May 28, 08 9:40pm
Bye Jimmy. I'll miss you. :'[

Hope you come back sometime in the future.

Fluidity Virtue
Mar 24, 08 4:49am
Wow, I didn't actually think you'd remember those cookies, let alone give me extra ones =o! You rock, and we're still both geniuses. This has to be, by far, one of my greatest Easters like, ever. I never laughed so hard around this time in my life. Hope you had a good one too, as well as a good Spring Break. I was glad to be able to cheer you up at least a little. Too bad there's only one more day of "vacation" left and we have to go back to gay-ass school on Tuesday. D:

Oh, yehh, a picture.

Yay for random Easter photobucket searches! ._.
th Sense Virtue
Feb 24, 08 4:11am
Dude, at least a one-up next time, so I don't forget. k? ;D

Nah it's cool. Thanks for being a cool friend. Enjoy the de-virginization of my new stamp in the meanwhile. Happy day of coming out of your mother's uterus.
Dragon Warrior1 Virtue
Jan 6, 08 5:15pm
I really dont want to do this, so you better enjoy it.

you of all people should like all the girls in that picture, and the fact that alkaid is bending down for ya.
Arietta Virtue
Jan 5, 08 10:05pm
Hay Jimmy 8D.

I know I am a bit late, and sorry for not having a stamp. I wanted to do one but then I got lazy to do it, so yeah...

Anyways, thanks for being an awesome man and incredible dude. You know you are one of mah best neofriends along with Nick.

Oh, I will kick your ass in GH III soon .

Supa Smurf Virtue
Jan 4, 08 5:07am

Elder made this stamp.

Your a good mod.

I remember when I kept trying to get you to make me your co-mod.

Dragon Warrior1 Virtue
Dec 24, 07 5:49am
just read the title, it has everything, and i mean EVERYTHING!

Fluidity Virtue
Dec 23, 07 3:41am
Happy Holidays Jimmeh! May it be filled with things such as 5 gum, orbit, trident, and stride! Oh, and fruity perfume. ;]

trunksluver Virtue
Dec 16, 07 12:35am

So sad, RIP Casey Calvert of Hawthorne Heights
trunksluver Virtue
Nov 23, 07 12:08am
Happy Thanksgiving Jimmy!! Be thankful you are not here, eating my grandma's TERRIBLE cooking!!

I think I'm gonna be sick,

Halowner Virtue
Nov 22, 07 5:40am

You've been halo-wned

Hey, you're a good mod. Keep the job up.
Quierta Virtue
Oct 28, 07 2:06am

.___. I'd fill this guestbook with obscene pictures of myself and cheese, but that's not allowed. You'll just have to settle for my not-so-obscene stamp.

XD I love you Jimmy, you're awesome ^__^ Someday I shall drive to PA and put you in a purse and take you home with me.

Fear not, there shall be muffins in the purse.

Supa Smurf Virtue
Oct 21, 07 8:10pm
Congratz on modding, I hope you have fun.uh...... I can't remember what else I'll put here...

luv pugs Virtue
Sep 22, 07 9:07pm
Whats up? It's been awhile, feel free to drop me a PM. Anyway, heres a stamp I made.

((Sorry about the name thing.))

Fluidity Virtue
Aug 9, 07 2:24am

omglmfaoroflyareallylulwutkthxbie. :]
Dragon Warrior1 Virtue
Jul 21, 07 3:00pm
have a shocking day.

please excuse pikachu, he just had to come in...
Celipink Virtue
Jul 19, 07 2:49am

I know i know it's all simple but hey It was hard for me. Well anyway you seem really cool and i hope we can become friends because friends are cool!!
Besides Friends do things and they can talk and walk and eat! Not like my robot Roy 2.0
Well anyway i hope you like my stamp as much as i do. Byes!
Fluidity Virtue
Jul 4, 07 3:39am
Just here to return the favor of your wonderful guestbook signing, although nothing can evar beat the gobble gobble turkey!

Anyway, while I'm here I guess I'd better thank you for being an awesome friend, and I hope I'll still be able to see you next year, when we both enter high school. Tbh, I'm not too thrilled about it. Oh, and about bowling, it'll have to be after my vacation (it starts this Saturday). I'll send you a post card =D! I was talking to Sam, and she said okay, and by then, Jonathan should be back, so all four of us can go again! Woo! Picking a date/time to go is hard though. We're all so... dysfunctional. Lawlz. x]

By the way, like, never leave Neo. D=

Kiffa Virtue
Jun 27, 07 5:52am
Y allo thar! D:

I. Love. You.

Jimmy, we both have huge family problems, but we're going to pull through. You're amazingly strong and brave, or at least more so then me. In a way, I look up to you, and all your smart ways.

We have great MSN conversations, and we're currently having a review contest. I think you'll beat me, I procrastinate too much. =[ you're also wicked good at sports, especially baseball. To remind ourselves of today, you beat your rival team last inning. You also hit your second ever homerun and a single.

Thank you for everything. I'm always here. <3

Sign me back ? kthxbai.

Celipink Virtue
Jun 20, 07 10:33pm

Celipink Virtue
Jun 12, 07 10:56pm

Hope you like my stamp! i worked hard on it...Well You better stamp back too!! Well i really enjoy talking to you a lot. You're really cool!
Sakura Virtue
Jun 8, 07 5:06pm
Hey! Is it just me, or do I never see you on msn? @___@ I need to bother you more. =D

<3 Lindsey