Release date contributions: 98 (196 neopoints)
Tales of Innocence (Import) Tales of Innocence (Import) [DS]
Formula One 04 Formula One 04 [PS2]
Wii Fit Wii Fit [Wii]
Soul Calibur Legends Soul Calibur Legends [Wii]
Stranglehold Stranglehold [XBOX360]
Also on:
Warlords II Warlords II [Mac]
Theme Hospital Theme Hospital [PC]
Also on:
Invasion! Invasion! [PC]
Also on:
iPhone, iPad
Flatspace Flatspace [PC]
House of the Dead III House of the Dead III [PC]
Also on:
Xbox, PS3, arcade
Furcadia Furcadia [PC]
Football Generation Football Generation [PS2]
AFL Live 2003 AFL Live 2003 [PC]
Crashday Crashday [PC]
Inca Inca [PC]
Hardwar Hardwar [PC]
Total Air War Total Air War [PC]
Mortyr II Mortyr II [PC]
Pro Evolution Soccer 4 Pro Evolution Soccer 4 [PC]
Also on:
Xbox, PS2
Sonic Adventure DX Director's Cut Sonic Adventure DX Director's Cut [PC]
Museum Madness Museum Madness [PC]
SimFarm SimFarm [PC]
Top Spin Top Spin [Xbox]
Also on:
Pinball FX Pinball FX [XBOX360]
Eternal Sonata Eternal Sonata [XBOX360]
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