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inb4 it's my Persona 4 review because I didn't give it a 10/10.
Oh no I just didn't... read more

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Like all things concerning this environment, it is an enigma. I hold no explanation. read more

Apparently if I find a user review unhelpful, it still shows up as helpful. Whaaat.
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Idk what's more surprising; Bolivia getting a "big" music act or the fact that Axl didn't storm... read more

Andy can you remind me what that animal is in the picture you just used? read more

likes Arietta's status update: "ಠ◡ಠ"
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I'm all for maximizing profit, but MS should be charged with fraud for how much they want for Office

Andy I realize Bolivian media is in a different time period but Guns n' Roses hasn't been relevant in decades. (y) read more

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re: Virtue will eventually admit he's an Otaku. Start calling him Jimbotaku please.

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I never realized how much of a fanboy I look like on here. Idk whether to be concerned or not
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Don't worry. I will take the place of Tenshi soon enough. read more

Yo I don't feel like logging on Skype but I just wanted to let you know that Spongebob image was... read more

I know. But perhaps this is for the best. I typically don't like to buy expensive items for myself... read more