For those aware, the main character of Xillia 2 is (for the most part), completely silent. His skits are limited to "mhm

Almost got jumped in my own driveway. Hood life.. :(
Lamba's Cocoon is littered with fungi and small holes. I'm screwed :(
What am I most looking forward to coming back from vacation? Tales of Xillia 2 of course
It will cost me roughly 50$ for the state to tell me I'm not a sex offender. Thanks for your insight PA (y)
The ruins in Tales of Graces may be the most frustrating dungeon of all time
Growing up sucks. I miss the days where my only concern was which Pokemon card pack I wanted to buy
Thought a P4G anime was a bit much at first, but it's been executed perfectly (Y)
Just bought a strategy game. What's happening to me?
Dat profile banner tho.
The day I move out will be a glorious one indeed
Tales of Xillia just gets me every time
I'm so bad at MK8 online. It's actually kind of pathetic
Mario Kart 8 is lovely <3
When I'm feeling unfortunate I quickly observe those posting. Problem solved
Okayokay, the Ruby remake will be my last Pokemon game I SWEAR THIS TIME


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