Just bought a strategy game. What's happening to me?
Dat profile banner tho.
The day I move out will be a glorious one indeed
Tales of Xillia just gets me every time
I'm so bad at MK8 online. It's actually kind of pathetic
Mario Kart 8 is lovely <3
When I'm feeling unfortunate I quickly observe those posting. Problem solved
Okayokay, the Ruby remake will be my last Pokemon game I SWEAR THIS TIME
One more final separates me from an exceptional break (y)
This is going to sound insane coming from me, but a P4 Golden Anime is just milking it way too much :(
Raisins >>>>> Grapes. This must be addressed
Communities are great. And by "community", I mean 3 people talking back and forth to each other
Apparently if I find a user review unhelpful, it still shows up as helpful. Whaaat.
I'm all for maximizing profit, but MS should be charged with fraud for how much they want for Office
The Persona Q 3DS may be the most beautiful system I've ever seen
I can't wait to experience 20 degree weather for Spring Break. I'm so unfortunate ;(
Okami HD is just...omg..
Apparently there's an Olympic skater named Tessa Virtue. It's fate!


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