20 hours ago
Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I'll be breaking my "no sweets" streak with a vengeance
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Nov 22, 15 9:45pm
Best send off song ever. Farewell favorite series :_:
Nov 17, 15 11:53am
Its been 24 hours since my graduate exam and my soul still hasnt returned to me :(
Nov 13, 15 10:20am
DQ 7 & 8 coming to the 3DS waaaaaaaat
Nov 07, 15 10:24am
I think I'm starting to...find math...interesting...? 0_o
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Nov 01, 15 6:30pm
Oct 31, 15 8:54am
Happy Halloween everyone! You're never too old ( ᐛ )و
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Oct 18, 15 10:23am
My relationship with technology
Oct 07, 15 4:25pm
In what the hell world does "Good" break a combo cause it's a paradox I can't wrap my mind around
Sep 28, 15 5:54pm
Unsure whether to give in to my fanboy nature and buy Dancing All Night or be a fiscally responsible young man (⌐▨_▨)
Sep 22, 15 12:02am
I've been way too judgmental in my youth...Taco Bell is actually pretty incredible
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Sep 17, 15 12:25pm
My heart... :( (but the trailer is pretty sweet)

First, the bad news: Persona 5, one of our most-anticipated games of the year, has been delayed. Originally slated to launch sometime this year, developer Atlus now says to expect the game in the summer of 2016 on both PS3 and PS4.

Sep 13, 15 2:46pm
I was wondering when it was time for my annual "be deathly ill for all of September" phase
Sep 07, 15 6:06pm
Arietta is wonderful, Bolivia is wonderful. I am forever in his debt, that is all
Aug 30, 15 7:59pm
I cant wait for classes to start tomor--oh...wait... (´_`)
Aug 26, 15 2:46pm
Not a fan of rants but the utter disregard for human life anymore is absolutely disgusting. RIP to the lives lost in Virginia today.

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