Jan 9, 17 9:24pm
2017 has been highly successful so far and it has me a little suspicious
Jan 1, 17 9:42am
May you all have a wonderful, healthy, and happy new year :)
Dec 27, 16 6:05pm
Transforming my geography classes into world cultures lessons cause I'll lose my mind if I have to teach about grass
Dec 14, 16 1:04pm
On a pilgrimage to find the best ramen in NYC :D
Virtue shared a forum thread
Dec 11, 16 9:01pm

So I was doing some xmas shopping when I found out the bookstore had a 25% coupon for any book of my choice! Naturally I drop

Virtue shared a video from
Dec 7, 16 7:53pm
Seriously the greatest thing I've ever watched
Dec 3, 16 4:08pm finally happened. I'm officially obsessed with pop and alternative music
Virtue shared a link
Nov 27, 16 11:26pm
How to properly conclude Thanksgiving break enemyterritory patsnation
Nov 24, 16 3:03pm
Thankful for never having to work another Thanksgiving shift after tonight. Farewell retail world <3
Virtue shared a forum thread
Nov 18, 16 12:01pm --Quote Summary-- The

Nov 15, 16 6:09pm
lolol I cannot get over Alolan Dugtrio's hairstyle
Virtue shared a forum thread
Nov 8, 16 5:38pm

Before I continue I'd just like to note the few statistics used in this thread are from my own country (US). I believe

Nov 8, 16 8:57am
It's finally time to fulfill my duties and I want iced or hot coffee during my prep period
Nov 1, 16 3:01pm
Day 1 of the Whole30 diet and I'm already feeling the misery it brings
Oct 17, 16 4:40pm
My Galaxy S6 tried to impersonate the Note 7, but it just melted and shut off instead :(
Oct 4, 16 10:36pm
Contemplating a transition to the Eskimo life until election day is over
Sep 25, 16 8:31pm
the new iTunes deletes your music purely out of spite and malice bringbackZune
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