Last 10 Threads started by ViperSean
[v1.0.2c] Spoiler Bug in PM Threads 2 Dec 19, 2010
[v1.0.2c] Added PM Thread Participants Need to be Re-Invited Upon Continuation 5 Dec 06, 2010
[v1.0.2c] Continued PM Thread Title Bug 2 Dec 06, 2010
New Ability List 55 Sep 18, 2010
Gym Leader Rumors 76 Aug 04, 2010
Alternate Costume Shout-Outs 7 Feb 06, 2010
Glitches, Bugs, and Oddities 14 Nov 16, 2009
[Game] Reapers' Risk (On-Hold Until Further Notice) 66 Nov 08, 2009
Digging For Gold 8 Aug 11, 2009
[Request] Clan-Style Socialization Forum 36 Jun 29, 2009
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re: question about poke transfer 2 Mar 14, 2011
To the cold people of Unova: WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU!? 3 Mar 14, 2011
Computer Opponent's Are Not Too Bright 15 Mar 14, 2011
What up Nintendo? (No Joking here) 16 Mar 10, 2011
Lord of the Rings Mafia: One Mafia to Rule Them All Thread 2 437 Mar 10, 2011
Is it worth to restart game to get specific nature? 16 Mar 07, 2011
Old Rod 12 Mar 07, 2011
Castelia City "secret machine" 28 Mar 07, 2011
Lord of the Rings Mafia: One Mafia to Rule Them All Thread 2 437 Mar 07, 2011
Lord of the Rings Mafia: One Mafia to Rule Them All Thread 1 443 Mar 07, 2011
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