Kefira ViperSean
Mar 29, 11 2:55pm
125 125 125 125 125 125 125 125
Kefira ViperSean
Mar 7, 11 3:14am
I love you.
Ah...Just want to leave some evidence here.>_>
*kisses Viper*

125 125 125 125 125 125 125 125 125
Kanon ViperSean
Dec 8, 08 2:24am

Your stamp is awesome, I'M DIGGIN' IT.

And now for Beat quotes to get 125 characters.

Darkking ViperSean
Nov 29, 08 1:47am
*From the shadows*

I just saw the guestbook thread XD
Jackal_Man ViperSean
Oct 20, 08 11:51pm
"let the whoring commence"

what the hell man just... what the hell

Watch the shadows for they may be watching you, Enter the Darkness
simomatic ViperSean
Oct 19, 08 11:31pm
Yes we shall - we shall bring it back to full potential. Fellow oldie - you got signed by Sim Guy.

ctrl ViperSean
Oct 19, 08 11:13pm

Ecto ViperSean
Oct 19, 08 10:36pm

Stamped by Ecto5! It's just like old times all over again!
Amy ViperSean
Oct 19, 08 9:35pm

Damn, how come you ain't got even a page?! That won't do!!
The Omega ViperSean
Oct 19, 08 6:06pm
Great Fresh Prince spoof in your profile. Adding on to the GD signing spree.

rockhole ViperSean
Oct 19, 08 5:31pm
Yes, you could say I have that effect on threads.

Well, you could say it, but it'd be a total lie.

Merry Christmas and a happy Non-Holiday Season.
TurMoiL911 ViperSean
Oct 19, 08 4:55pm


Amethyst ViperSean
Sep 1, 08 10:54pm
What that says ^, obviously.

I went to check your profile and saw traces of nothingness. And then I went in here to find more traces of nothingness. I refuse to let the traces of nothingness continue, so I'm putting a trace of... something... ness.... I think.

Whatever. Keep saying weird shit. (y)
DQ Maniac ViperSean
Oct 30, 04 2:56am