Games that are awsome:

Tomb raider
Aliens Vs Predator
Transformers wars for Cybertron
Resident evil 1-5
Brute Force
Smash brothers
Star trek legacy and tactical assult
Marvel vs Street fighter
Bionic commando rearmered 1-2
Bionic commando
Tekken 1-6
Fallout 3 and New vegas and more!

Games are all based on original games that made the new games better,eg:

Tomb raider(Vintage 1996)-Uncharted and Tomb raider(new serise)
Space invaders (Vintage 1978)-Space invaders extreme
X-man vs Street fighter(Vintage 1996)-Vs capcom serise
Sonic the hedghog(vintage 1991)- Sonic games till this day

Games I play online:

Smash brothers(Wii)
Resistance fall of man(Ps3)
XIII (PC lan games)
Bionic commando(Ps3)

Ps3 online names: Dusty 1965

For your information Neoseeker I have Black site Area 51 on the PC so why dose it say PS3 only?