cant think of anything to say...
Good mission based game for the DS. TransformersAutobots DS
Good, stlyish FPS game! AliensVsPredator PC
is creating somthing new!...It might take a while...
is creating somthing new!
is on his way to defeat boredome man!
will defeat his school work in a few months and also Boredome man!
will brawl again and beat his opponents includeing his boredome!!!
wants things to go back the way it was...I wanna brawl #sigh#
might not overcome boredome this time...
Has become bored again...curse you boredome!
has overcome his boredome!
has probably found something he's superior to...maybe...
Good game with good gameplay for it's time MissionImpossibleOperationSurma PS2
Good raceing game with many characters to chose from SonicRiders PC
Good game with multiple endings to chose from ShadowTheHedgehog Xbox
Nice fast paced game with mission based gameplay SonicTheHedgehog X360
will become SUPERIOR to something...
is superior to something now... no wait still not.
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  • on a quest to find out what I'm superior to...


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