i have 2 eyes 2 legs 1 nose 1 mouth 10 fingers 10 toes 2 feet and 1 head.


tecnology, i luv tecnology, music sports, video games, hanging out with friends, making books like comic books, making movies(i need a new video camara though) i LUV to read ive read more books have in your intire lifetime, playing sports with my friends and cuzes running around doing absoulutly nothing with my friends, i like talking to my friends a lot to.. i can't help it... the prob. with that is i talk during class and get in trouble.. but my mouth doesn't care i just keep on talking.

books: pendragon seres, spiderwick seres, harry potter, calvin and hobbes, so much more

VG: i luv zelda games, harvest moon games, ssx3, final fantisy tactics advance, mario games

music: anything thats rock, punk alternative, (i hate rap)

Sports: soccer, hockey, basketball, paint ball, snowboarding, video games(if thats a sport)

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