Born Confused Video Gamester
Dec 30, 06 3:55am
Have a cool Anime picture as a sign of my rejoining in life!

LiveslikeBeth Video Gamester
Dec 26, 06 8:40am
Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, or whatever you celebrate, have a good one!

Behold my awesome tree!*cough*NOT*cough*xD

Hope you get lots of candy and great presents!^-^
The Chickmagnet07 Video Gamester
Aug 12, 06 9:51pm
Hey THNX For Signin My GB so I'll Return the favor by signin back:)


Hope u like them
Peace IN
JT2200 Video Gamester
Jun 19, 06 3:59pm
delete the one I posted before, I screwed up ._.

Road Rocket Video Gamester
Apr 23, 06 2:13am
Since you dropped me a random PM and we got to know each other in a somewhat odd way, I'm gonna sign your guestbook. XD I'll sign back again once I've got a stamp. In the meantime, I'm...stampless. =(

See ya' around.

Signed by
MickeyBlueEyes Video Gamester
Apr 21, 06 10:24am
Thanks for signing my guest book!^^
And yes, I'll got to Nevada with you as long as you pay for gas. j/k

See ya.
Yupki Yuja Video Gamester
Mar 3, 06 12:20pm
I'm signing this because your signature made me laugh.

Sorry, I don't have a stamp...

Hmm. The instructions above say that if I don't sign, I don't get a million dollars. Does that imply that by signing, I DO get a million dollars? Or are you just taunting me?
JT2200 Video Gamester
Jan 24, 06 11:04am
Thanks to my extreme boredness I have come to sign your guestbook. Yes, even after how much you have annoyed me.
Sonic Extreme Video Gamester
Jan 24, 06 10:51am
Im here too sign your guestbook like you requested when I get a stamp ill sign your guestbook again until then chow
Goodbye for new
-sonic extreme-
Born Confused Video Gamester
Jan 17, 06 10:38am
Hi...Your jokes are funny...blah,blah,blah *more lies about how cool you are*

Here is a Green Day Stamp:

>awesome Green Day stamp<

just kidding...heres the real one:

cheesykirby Video Gamester
Jan 16, 06 1:04pm
Hey, what up? anyone who likes Gir is instantly awesome, because the scary monkey show said so.

Uhhh.... I have no stamp.... So, instead, i'll say hi.
LiveslikeBeth Video Gamester
Jan 8, 06 4:14am
Hey, Video Gamester. Just thought I'd sign your guestbook. You can't stop me, HAHAHAHAHA ... *CRUNCH* lol I guess you can. Anyways, see ya.

ScorpRoyale Video Gamester
Jan 6, 06 9:13am
Backstamp cuz I said I would, to my best bud, well not really.... but owell..if you dont like my stamp then burn.
Tres Video Gamester
Jan 6, 06 7:54am

high times
I feel so fine
stiggidy booms
gonna make you high

Testing, Testing, Testing...
<>Gas bar not finish<>
I guess you got that from my Location, didn't you? ... Anyways, it's nice to see a Pendragon fan as well, seeing as it's my favorite series as well. Anyways, I'll see you in the Forums, and hope you have a great time here! The Quillan Games is coming out March '06... xP For now, keep staring at Bobby xD:

Mouldy Cheese Video Gamester
Dec 24, 05 9:25am
Merry holidays... wait that's not right!
Ah well, you know what i mean!
I like
Anyway, you've probably never heard of me (if you have then WOW! I'm so cool! ) but you've caught one of my random signings!

Plz sign back!
EmmieGurl Video Gamester
Dec 23, 05 6:04am

Hello. I'm just signing back from when you signed my Guestbook.

quote You

Well, anyways, you have yourself a Merry Christmas, and if you don't celebrate Christmas, then Happy Holidays, and have fun celebrating whatever you do celebrate.

See you around.

CookieGurl88 Video Gamester
Dec 23, 05 2:49am
I'm bored and i need to sign someones gb! SO urs is the one i'm signing! Be happy and have a happy holiday this year! Happy New Year too! COOKIES N' CREAM
triforceofwisdom Video Gamester
Dec 22, 05 9:47am
I am signing... Mweeheehee!

Here is an awesome Wicked stamp for you.

Happy posting!
DTX Video Gamester
Dec 21, 05 9:57am
Hey, thanks for that generous stamp, VG!! I can tell your going to make it BIG on these here forums!! And THANKS for that LMAO stamp, I almost suffered the same fate as poor, old Kringle after reading that!!!!! See you round the forums
!! 0_-


JT2200 Video Gamester
Dec 18, 05 10:17am
signing your guestbook here and I knew I would be the first. so yay!