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Mar 17, 16 2:41am
Hey guys! We need more contributing to this so if you could stop by and have a look at least, that'd be great! :)

_ Competitive Community Team Building

VictoryStar blogged
Mar 3, 16 3:08am

I'm starting to get kinda worried about the whole Youtube thing. Not because I think I won't make it, but because of Youtube's broken copyright system that has gotten a huge spike in abuse lately. I feel like I won't get very far before I start running into claims made by Nintendo... I guess I'll never know unless I try, at least.
VictoryStar blogged
Feb 28, 16 10:30pm

I have decided. I'm going to do a blind Nuzlocke of Pokemon Sun or Pokemon Moon on Youtube in the future. I've already made my account. I just need to prepare. Here is my channel for anyone who's interested:
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