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May 18, 12 11:08pm

Okay, now being the big gamer I am I tend to spend a lot of my free time gaming it up. So I tend to play a lot of games during the year, even early on depending on my schedule. Well this year has been pretty open for me so let's just say I have been around the gaming world. But 4 games really stood out to me that I just could not get enough of.

Tales Of Grace F

If you know nothing about Tales of Graces F, first I must slap you, then I shall tell you what you need to know. *slap* Okay now that is over with here we go. Tales of Graces F was first released in Japan under the name Tales of Graces, and it was only for the wii. It finally got ported, sent to the U.S of A and graphically enhanced over to the PS3 with new content and a new addition to the story. I found it randomly at Gamestop just randomly talking to one of the associates. I will never look back. It was such good game that was a blast to play, had a great cast of characters, and an intriguing story that kept me pounding my way through.

Xenoblade Chronicles

There really isn't very many words I can conjure up that will give me the ability to explain this game. The best thing I can really come up with is just WOW. An extremely unique game with an amazing open world, cast of characters, and one of the most unique battle systems I have ever experienced. The story.. oh the story is just excellent, almost surpassed by none. I feel bad explaining it in such a small paragraph but I will say one thing. If you have the chance to get this game, clear up your schedule because you will be addicted.

Final Fantasy 13-2

Now some of you may be thinking "Really this game is in your top four games?" well before I slap you yet again let me explain. The game itself was good but nothing spectacular. The story was a little convoluted and broken but it was interesting at the least. The battle system was more or less the same as the last game but with a few new additions and fixes. The best addition was the collectable creatures. It really added a new depth and level of strategy to the game that the previous one was missing. Now where this game really shined was in the DLC. The coliseum was an excellent addition that led to some exciting fights with some pretty sweet enemies that were even collectible in your party! That being said if you are a Final Fantasy fan and you enjoyed the previous entry in the series I would tell you to pick this up.

Uncharted 3

Oh man Uncharted Uncharted must you be so amazing? I have never been a big climbing, treasure hunting, and shooting fan but this game series turned me into one. Ever since I played the second one I just could not get enough. Then I played the third one and I was no where near disappointed. The action packed combat mixed with the hilarious and witty banter between Drake and Sully makes me fall in love every time. I was barely able to set the controller down during this game. Good thing I have that portable toilet.

Well I hope your year has been as good as mine video game wise so far. With the titles being released later this year things can only get better! By the way this list was in no specific order.

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