likes Kinetic's status update: "Forever to thee.."
likes Justin's status update: "Feeling very nostalgic about this site. Send me a private message! I want to catch up with all friends (the ones still here, anyway)"
likes Lorx's status update: "Welcome back to the team J. Iscariot, do me a favor and on't sell Remedy out to the Romans eh? :thick:"
likes Chelskiman's status update: "I do like this, anonymous member that sent me Neo Plus!"
likes Dragoon's status update: "The thought of what Peter's family had to go through when he vanished after his mum died keeps me up at night. GuardiansoftheGalaxy"
likes Arietta's status update: "I don't understand why people hate Tales of Symphonia 2. I'm just here, feeling. Pls call me a feelbulance."

Made me think of kingdom hearts. Maybe because i'm playing the hd 2.5 atm read more

likes Kinetic's status update: "Once there was only dark. If you ask me, the light's winning"
likes Cheeseman's status update: "Shockingly, still alive."
likes Harvest Moon girl's status update: "KH 2.5 has arrived! Gooodbyeee, social life"
I am getting back into GA because I want to one day make a living out of it. Please come look at my new work and tell me what you think!
likes Whelan's status update: "Greetings traveller."
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Calm down man, I'm sure you are getting MGSV too. Go take a break, jerk it a relax for a second.... read more

I love how they didn't just completely Nerf kassadin and end it there. It shows real dedication to... read more

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