I am getting back into GA because I want to one day make a living out of it. Please come look at my new work and tell me what you think!

I think I'm going to get drunk by myself for the first time in a long time later and post on neoseeker when I get bored.

Your good old Auronisawsome from 8 years ago. The 13 year old naruto and FF fanatic is getting married. Proposed and the wedd

Sometimes I just like making a thread seeing what everyone is up to. So I just got a new puppy. Pretty bad ass dog so far

So I just bought a house with a pool. Who wants to have a pool party. Byob

--Quote-- Ok here we go. I installed WOW and when I installed it and started playing it every time I even opened up the downl

Anyone have any idea wen C9 plays? Has anyone watched the games so far?

Come join the league forum today for the NA LCS super week! Idc if you like league or not, watch it.
Everyone loves me. I'm such a pretty little girl. With big breasts.

Who else is excited for Super Week??? It's actually on right now! Any predictions for Eu and NA?

I see so much potential in their team, especially the solo lanes and Aphromoo even said he thinks their bot lane is top 4 rig

WHo do you like to watch the most or who actually makes you excited when you see they went online? For some reason I find

Hello all I have returned for a bit. Wanna talk, just pm me or notify me.

This thread idea is weird but I have been wanting to make it for a while but I have been so lazy that I haven't. Pretty m

I know I said I was done and I still am I just have a problem and nowhere else to take it. Why am I such a bad ass.

This site. Why am I surfing it right now.
Goodmorning my loves.
Will be out on our own soon in our first apartment! But I hate moving stuff up stairs. :(
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