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Dec 18, 15 11:49pm

Just dropping by to see who all is around. Moved to the Colorado Mountains and got married, it has been a pretty crazy few ye

Dec 4, 14 4:35pm
I am getting back into GA because I want to one day make a living out of it. Please come look at my new work and tell me what you think!
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Oct 22, 14 7:02pm

I think I'm going to get drunk by myself for the first time in a long time later and post on neoseeker when I get bored.

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Aug 7, 14 3:29pm

Your good old Auronisawsome from 8 years ago. The 13 year old naruto and FF fanatic is getting married. Proposed and the wedd

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Jul 1, 14 12:04am

Sometimes I just like making a thread seeing what everyone is up to. So I just got a new puppy. Pretty bad ass dog so far

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Jun 13, 14 10:07pm

So I just bought a house with a pool. Who wants to have a pool party. Byob

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Mar 24, 14 11:19am

--Quote-- Ok here we go. I installed WOW and when I installed it and started playing it every time I even opened up the downl

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Mar 14, 14 11:20am

Anyone have any idea wen C9 plays? Has anyone watched the games so far?

Mar 8, 14 1:46pm
Come join the league forum today for the NA LCS super week! Idc if you like league or not, watch it.
Mar 5, 14 8:59pm
Everyone loves me. I'm such a pretty little girl. With big breasts.
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Mar 4, 14 11:15am

Who else is excited for Super Week??? It's actually on right now! Any predictions for Eu and NA?

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Mar 2, 14 11:37am

I see so much potential in their team, especially the solo lanes and Aphromoo even said he thinks their bot lane is top 4 rig

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Mar 1, 14 1:36pm

WHo do you like to watch the most or who actually makes you excited when you see they went online? For some reason I find

Feb 23, 14 9:10pm
Hello all I have returned for a bit. Wanna talk, just pm me or notify me.
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Feb 22, 14 5:12pm

This thread idea is weird but I have been wanting to make it for a while but I have been so lazy that I haven't. Pretty m

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Jan 13, 14 9:11pm

I know I said I was done and I still am I just have a problem and nowhere else to take it. Why am I such a bad ass.

Jan 13, 14 6:03pm
This site. Why am I surfing it right now.
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Dec 14, 13 12:01pm
Jul 23, 13 11:11am
Goodmorning my loves.
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