Where do you get all these cool stamps???? oh well, hope you had fun for easter.
i don't know wat the hell happened, but my hosting site isn't working.... i'll try to get it 2 work... somehow.... soon

Hi Vex! How r u? I'm gud^^. Have a happy easter! (Sorry if I'm late... lol, that would suck)

I know it's been a while since I singed a Guestbook so here's my stamp.
uhm.. I got bored and decided to look for Dougie pics. I found this

Enjoy! (I'm sure you will! XD)

PS: You're the only one I'm signing this with >_>
Happy Easter!
Hehe, eat tons of chocolate!
Not too much though, hehehe.
Anyway, here's my stamp:

And here's some humour to cheer up your day.

Cheers! And have a fun Holiday.

yup-yup they are the great and amazing spoon/fork things... not quite a spoon yet also not a fork ingenious I say

Since I'm here I will wish you a Happy Easter even though the picture in my stamp doesn't really have anything to do with Easter erm well at least it has Easter colors in it....?

I'm just passing through to wish you a happy, wonderful easter! ^^;

I'm here to return the favour as you was on a signing spree, and caught my guest-bookie!
Well thanks anyway! Also, happy easter!
*makes this message different for Vex*
you ish my spweshal fwend!

Happy Easter! *crosses fingers and hopes this is a good signing* =P

*huggles* Cya soon, Vecsheh! *waves*..

*looks behind her and screams* =P
hey, sorry i havent pmd you back! well, im gonna make you a cool stamp just for you for my next entry k! seeing as youve stamp me loads
Hey, thanks for signing...twice, Vexy.
I'll stamp you once now, and stamp you again when I make my Easter stamp, anyway, see you again soon. ^^

Happy easter my world domination parter Make sure you eat lots and lots of chocolate! But your right, it's about religion too so don't get too carried away We have the same stamp! :
*It's Teh Ameh*
I just wanned to say hi... so HI!

~Teh Ameh!
Heh heh, guess what, Ameh writ that title thingy could you tell? anyway, HAHAHA i snuck onto your image host and used it XD mine doesnt work! =O anyway! EASTER!

see ya!
Thanks for signing my guestbook and now I am going to sign yours.
Heya! ^^

Have a great Easter. Take care!

Happy Bunny Day!!
Be sure to eat plenty of chocolate!
appy Spring!

From Daisy and Gojyo
Hi there^^
Here is a stamp for you!

and... my God ^-^

See you around!
whoever you are heres a stamp..Im hyper right now sooooooooo I'll give you one!!!lol c ya later alligator!!! j/k

Hey! I think you are a great person! Hey! Thanks for signing my guestbook! Those are totally awesome posts! Thanks! I wish I had a picture.. but I don't..... .. oh well.


well, thanks for joining my forum, so heres my GB reply to ya!
Whoa! Where do you get all these animal pics??? Well anyways, thanks!
I can finally sign your GB! >_<

I miss ya =( it sucks how we only get to talk on the weekends, doesnt it? =(

Anywayz, that McFly banner can be yours, if you want it.. all I have to do is replace my name with yours

*should make a new stamp*

Cya anyway.. Have fun, and rawk on! \m/ *huggles*