Skitz0_666 Vex the Pirate
Aug 21, 05 4:20pm
My goblins had a bit of a prize draw and your name came out of the itty-bitty hat.


Emperor Skitz bestows magical picture of JOY apon you

yall come back now, ya hear?

Chroma Vex the Pirate
Aug 13, 05 2:15pm
helloooo!! Lei-chan with her ultra-sugary goodness here! I've come with expressions of love!

Now for a strange series of Events! ;3

<_< >_> pssst.....I took his lucky charms

Now take this!!

See!!? tinkerbell IS a ruthless MURDERER!!!

Now I must bid you adeau.... See ya soon!

~Lei-chan, signing out!~
Homunculus Lover Vex the Pirate
Aug 12, 05 11:11pm
Heh heh heh. Lookie what we got here. Mwhahahaha! Looks like you're in trouble. XD

Gotcha! I went easy on you...this time.

Oh, and thanks for the signing deary.
DenniseA Vex the Pirate
Aug 12, 05 7:08am
That was a bit too long XD don't you agree? and maybeh a bit weird XD

Awwwwz the pickachu obsession is soo cute XD so you get one of my obsessions XD TEDY BEARS XD

Awww so cute right? >:3 EVIL little Teddy bears that is XD

When you're bored do the spinning chair thingy majigy XD
WARNING: Overuse of teh chair might cause diziness

Anyways gotta motor (OMG I used that weird word) o.0
Homunculus Lover Vex the Pirate
Aug 11, 05 1:52am

La la la la la la!


GAH! Stop looking at me. You little pervert. *runs away*

Best wishes Kate

Rikku Chick Vex the Pirate
Jul 30, 05 6:13pm
I miss chu T-T

quote Yoo
Rikku chick- I HATE HER! HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAA!!! eep! im sorreh Jewlelzehwelzeh, i love you really! dont hit me with your Bacon which you onleh haff 'cause you stole it from meh! ;_;
I stole bacon from chu? o__O Anehwayz, I wuff chu realleh too XD And I think I might have eaten that bacon o__o *hits her with a mop instead* : D
angel cheater 50 Vex the Pirate
Jul 26, 05 4:30am

Sorry it been a long time.
I got a message for you.

Don't Abuse children. lol j/k
Bright Blue Yoshi Vex the Pirate
Jul 25, 05 12:16pm
I should've made you a pirate stamp, but I couldn't find any good pics. So here's a Yoshi stamp with lots of cookies:thick:

stibul Vex the Pirate
Jul 25, 05 4:26am
On My signing spree. Ishent it kyoot?

Sign back or I ish eat choo. Grar >=[

Rikku Chick Vex the Pirate
Jul 13, 05 12:44am
Heya! I'm on a lil' signing spree XP I'm going around to all my fwendiez, and you happen to be on of them ^^;

Anywayz, have fun n rawk on! Seeya somewhere around MSN or Neo! ^^

Baiz! *Waves*

PS: Pirate wrath? oh noez! @_@
Green Yoshi 2004 Vex the Pirate
Jul 7, 05 11:28am
Here's some stamps for you. I hope you like them.

stibul Vex the Pirate
Jul 4, 05 12:20am
Nyah your a pirate!

I'm not ^________________^ Eat some shoobert okies xD
Sign back!

Zephyrus Vex the Pirate
Jun 26, 05 9:58am
ok... Another threatening "welcome to my guestbook message". Anyway I'd best give you a stamp to keep on the sunny side of your personality or the one you've created along with your nickname.

lollipopz Vex the Pirate
Jun 16, 05 11:59pm
Hey Vecks, I swear I thought I signed this before, but meh. I'll just sign for whatever. =D Yeah sure we can be neo-friends

Sorries I don't have any stamps at the mo.... All my files got deleted... **blinks**...

Here's a random assortment for you ^^
megatron Vex the Pirate
Jun 12, 05 10:18am
lookie! im expressing meself!

just dont burn the toast, okay
hahahahahahahahahaha opposums
DenniseA Vex the Pirate
Jun 12, 05 5:46am
Wait I think I made a mistake a mistake on that yeah I was suppose to say Booo

Loved talking to you like a couple of minutes ago and now I'm signing like I said ^^

I hate to say it but Kelly isn't such a good help

Talk to you later ^_~

Miles P Vex the Pirate
Jun 12, 05 5:28am
miles p here ^^

hope you like your new stamp


Love Miles
x x x x x x
Angel Blade Vex the Pirate
May 29, 05 1:19am

Hello all and I hope everything is well [: Well either you signed my guestbook, or i feel like going on a neofriends strampage. well thanks to all of you who didn`t forget me whilst i was gone. haha [: uhmmm... yeah.... rawr <3

// angel <333
SunnyDelight Vex the Pirate
May 22, 05 1:01am
I thought I signed your guestbook but oh well I`ll do it this time!

thought i would sign your gb sign back or pm me if you want to
Skaterstar57 Vex the Pirate
May 15, 05 10:28am
Make it count, huh? HUH!? Thanks for signing anyway. ^^
Sorry it took me so long to sign back. @_@
This is the only image I can seem to provide you at the moment: =D

Oh yeah, and one more thing:

Do you dare to poke the Skater? =D

Hahaha, see you around.

DenniseA Vex the Pirate
May 10, 05 4:27am
Hi! I'm late again ain't I?
I gues I always take my time to sign g-books -_-"
Well atleast I acually sign

So here I am signing back ^_~

Chroma Vex the Pirate
May 8, 05 6:09am
Hiya, It's Lei-chan's National Friend Day! I'm so happy We're all friends, It warms My heart ^___^ I made a stamp for my special day ^o^ So here ya go!!

Love Ya!

redsleighdown Vex the Pirate
May 4, 05 3:32am
Hello there. I aint been on in a long time so I thought I refresh all of your memories by stamping you so you dont forget me lol cya soon