My 3DS' circle pad has finally broken off. Doh.
D&D Sword Coast Legends out this year, most anticipated game of my life.! SO hype. <3
“Instead of complaining that the rose bush is full of thorns, be happy the thorn bush has roses.” ~Proverb
Hope you're having a good time, Verotten. :) Neoseeker misses you!
I hope you'll be right back here on Neo soon! Until then, I'll wait to have an amazing convo with you!
Yes, I am here now, so I might as well post! Just wanna say me and ShinyMilotic lost another great master. :( It's sad to see you go. ;(
It's been an absolute pleasure moderating along side you. :) Speak soon and hope you have a blast in the UK/NZ!
HAPPY NEW YEAR! See ya later, alligators! <3
Enjoying a post-Christmas headache. Feeling the festive spirit! xD
Happy Toy Day, and Merry Christmas~ acnl
47 hour trip back to NZ in a few months time. My body is not, and will never be, ready. ;__;

Tammi the peppy monkey (not to be confused with the uchi bear Tammy, which is what I did) is leaving town. She's free

I keep getting extras of furniture I don't want/need, so rather than selling em on to Re-Tail I'm having a shot at tr

Everyone waiting for a PM from me, I'll try and get onto it tomorrow finally. Sorry! ;_;

I'm curious to know people's choice when it comes to deciding between wearing in dirt paths or laying patterned paths

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